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Vallevegan, the cradle of vegan culture

Vegan, not theoretical, practical culture. In Vallevegan you live with animals, to save them, protect them and give an example of how you can lead a lifestyle inspired by the utmost respect for the animal kingdom. Without isolating himself from the world, however. Piero Liberati, the founder of Vallevegan, talks about what he has built and what he is about to build, together with the local community.
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How to eliminate squeaks

In this article we will discuss how to eliminate squeaks, those little noises that become annoying in the long run. The squeaks can occur in different contexts a classic example is represented by the hinges of the doors, of the windows that make friction on the underlying surface. But it can be the door of a piece of furniture in the kitchen: in this case the problem is the hinges that should be lubricated.
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Electric cars, prices and models

Electric cars prices too high? In the article "Electric cars on the market in Italy" all the purchase prices of electric cars currently on sale in our country are specified and, as is clear, only in rare exceptions the purchase price is less than 20,000 euros. The Renault electric car range: Renault Twizy Thanks to its flat trim and two-seater configuration, Renautl's electric car can be parked everywhere.
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Organic food

Barbasso badger, property

Mullein, male mullein, barbasco, royal candle or, precisely, barbasso badger. Many names for an important herb in botany and herbal medicine that the ancients used as a remedy against all respiratory ailments such as bronchitis, pneumonia, angina and also for asthma and nervousness. Without exaggerating, because today there are also more effective medicines, the infusions and decoctions of barbasso are excellent against colds and for this reason they are used especially in winter.
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Savory crepes, the recipe

Crepes are very thin waffles prepared with simple milk, eggs and flour ingredients that are suitable for both savory and sweet preparations. The savory crepes can be filled in many variations, especially based on vegetables. But let's see in detail how to prepare savory crepes following our step by step recipe.
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The largest solar plant in the world inaugurated!

The largest solar plant in the world has been operating since yesterday in the Mojave Desert, on the border between Nevada and California, and one of the three owners (in addition to NRG Energy and BrightSource Energy) is Google! The new plant, called “Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System ”took years to design, build and test but will now be able to generate 30 of all solar energy produced in the United States!
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