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SEAP of 12 mayors in Veneto

The moment of signing the SEAP The Covenant of Mayors means the initiative whereby countries, cities and regions voluntarily commit (individually or in aggregate) to reduce their CO₂ emissions by more than the 20 percent target set by the 'European Union. This formal commitment must be pursued by implementing Action Plans for Sustainable Energy (SEAP).
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How to recognize fertile ground

There are different types of soil which are characterized by structure rather than by quantity of nutrients or pH; so we have clayey, loamy and sandy soils. What is the most suitable soil for garden cultivation? As any good organic farmer will surely know, vegetables, fruits and vegetables need healthy soil to grow well.
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Me electric scooter: price and features

It's called Me and it's the electric scooter approved for two people, rider and passenger. Like all electric scooters, Me too is exempt from the road tax, can access the Limited Traffic Zones (ZTL) and has a 50 discount on the RCA. the ME electric scooter is able to reach a maximum speed of 70 km / h, limited by law to 45 km / h on the road.
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Energy saving

Save on Heating

To save on heating there are many strategies to be implemented. In our guide article "how to save on heating" we have already seen six effective strategies for those who do not want to make major changes to their structure. Those who want to save on heating and are willing to make a few more investments, may find the following very useful.
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How to make potato gateau

The potato gateau, also called gattò or potato pizza, is a dish that lends itself very well as a single dish, it is also the ideal meal for those who dine away from home for work or other reasons. In general, potatoes abound at home, indeed very often we forget them in the pantry and we remember them when they have sprouted.
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Gardening Guides

Judas tree

If you are wondering which tree that blooms on the trunk ... it is him, the tree of Judas. The Judas tree, botanically known as Cercis siliquastrum, is an ornamental tree little known to Italians but deserves a prominent place for its early and lush flowering. The Judas tree is perfect for those looking for an ornamental tree to grow in the garden: it has a great aesthetic value, especially in full bloom and moreover it does not require any particular care.
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