Himalayan salt lamps

For the production ofsalt lampslarge crystal rocks are exploited, mined in Europe and Asia. Asalt lamp, in fact, it is nothing more than a cluster of Himalayan salt crystals that houses a light bulb or a candle inside.

Thesalt lamps, as well as being very pretty, they have severalproperty. When turned on, thesalt lampsthey emit a soft light and together with it, in the opinion of experts, the salt crystals ionize the air.

According to what is reported in the book entitled "Depression: the way out " (Ardmore, Nedley Publishing, by Dr. Neil Nedley), a publication that deals in detail with the ways out of thedepression, thesalt lamps,releasing negative ions into the air, they would be able to improve mood and have a positive effect on the psychophysical health of those who live in that environment.

Let's talk from the beginning: theHimalayaorHimalaia is the mountain range known asRoof of the World. It arises in Asia and separates India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bhutan from China. L'Himalaiait is about 2,400 km long and to the west it connects to the Afghan Hindu Kush chain. It is the mountain range ofHimalayato show off the highest peaks in the world: Mount Everest, K2 and Kanchenjunga.

Thesalt lampsthey are described as natural air ionizers: how do they work? According to experts, thanks to the heat developed by the lamp placed in the center of the salt block, an electromagnetic movement would be created that would see the positive ions present in the air around thesalt lampconverted to negative ions. This conversion would take place without the use of filters to be replaced periodically or hazardous substances, only thanks to salt crystalswhich make up the same lamp.

In order for the ionization process to be sufficient, it is recommended to keep thesalt lampfor at least 5 hours a day: ionization will take place even after the lamp is turned off, as long as the salt block is hot, the positive ions present in the room will continue to be converted into negative ions.

The benefits and properties of salt lamps

The benefits related to the use ofsalt lampswould be directly related to the ability to ionize the air with negative ions. The negative ions present in the air would be able to increase the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that fights mood swings, depression, listlessness, irritability, difficulty in concentrating ... In addition, among the benefits associated with the use ofsalt lampsexperts also report an improvement in the immune system and a reduction in respiratory allergies. The use of salt lamps would be especially suitable for those suffering from asthma attacks or those prone to contracting colds and flu.

Where to buy the salt lamp

The salt lamps they can be purchased at design and furniture stores and shops specializing in ethnic items and natural remedies. When buying, make sure you take oneHimalayan natural rock salt lamp.On the market they can be found in any shape and size: smooth or natural. The price of these lamps varies a lot, as often happens, the best purchase proposals come from the web where there is greater competition. I point out two of the best natural rock salt lamps present on Amazon:

- Himalayan rock salt lamp - Fireball
It is a spherical shaped polished rock salt crystal. Very impressive if you want to show off in a well-appointed salon. It is 17 cm high and weighs 4 kg. The price is about 35 euros including shipping costs.

- Himalayan rock salt lamp
The salt crystals come from Pakistan, it has a height of about 20 cm and a weight that can fluctuate between 4 and 6 kg. The price is about 25 euros including shipping costs.

The salt lamp may wear out faster if you have problems with high humidity in the house.
Theresalt lampit can also be used to eliminate humidity from the air but its use is recommended only when the degree of humidity is not excessively high. If you have severe humidity problems at home, the article may help you: "Humidity in the house, natural remedies“.

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