Do-it-yourself remedies against Aphids and Cochineal

Do-it-yourself remedies against Aphids and Cochineal

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The aphids they are insects that infest almost all ornamental plants, both indoors and outdoors, as well as agricultural crops. In the event of an attack in your plants, you can intervene with do-it-yourself pesticides; they are easy to prepare, cheap and above all they respect the environment.

In this regard we will give you some suggestions on how to make preparations against the aphids. The ingredients we need to make these at home do it yourself remedies against aphids they are simple and easily available at home: this is the case, for example, with Marseille soap or alcohol. In the article "Marseille soap, a thousand uses at home" we have already highlighted its effectiveness as a remedy for many domestic problems.

Its use is also valid in gardening works, especially in the preparation of make remedies against aphids and scale insects. For other natural remedies, we invite you to read the article "Aphids, natural remedies".

The positive aspect of the preparation both based on Marseille soap and alcohol lies in its specificity: it fights aphids but does not alter the natural balance of its garden because it does not kill the useful insects present in the garden as an insecticide would do. broad spectrum such as pyrethrum.

Do-it-yourself remedies against aphids, alcohol
Dilute about 25 ml of alcohol in 1 liter of water. For application, just spray directly on the insects in the hours of maximum sunshine. Repeat 3 times every two or three days.
Useful warnings: before proceeding on the whole plant, apply the preparation only on a few leaves so as to avoid the appearance of leaf burn, a problem that can be solved by carrying out the treatment in the evening.

Do-it-yourself remedies against aphids, Marseille soap
Dilute about 30cc of Marseille liquid soap in each liter of water: if you find it in solid form, dilute 10-20 grams in 1 liter of water. This treatment is especially effective against scale insects
Also in this case, it is necessary to spray directly on the insects but in the evening hours. Repeat the operation 2-3 times every 3-5 days.
To get an even more effective effect against cochineal you can mix these two ingredients!

PLEASE NOTE: before using this treatment, make sure to manually remove the infected parts of the plant.

Do-it-yourself trap against aphids

Equally effective and harmless for the vegetable garden and the environment are insect traps. Aphids, as well as other insects (miner flies, scaridae…), are strongly attracted to bright colors. A good DIY trap is a strip of colored paper impregnated with biological glue. In this way, the traps will capture the aphids without affecting the vegetable cycle of the plants because they are free of insecticides or chemical repellents. The pesticide-free (and therefore non-toxic) traps are allowed in organic farming, they can be DIY prepared or purchased online at low cost. On Amazon, for example, a pack of 5 XL traps (the dimensions are 26 x 10 cm) is offered at the price of 12 euros with free shipping.

It is about the BSI insect traps, produced in Germany and easy to use both in the greenhouse, in the garden and for fruit trees. In organic farming, traps of this kind are widely used as a natural remedy against aphids even if the bright color attracts various potentially harmful insects to the garden.

Remedies for cochineal

The cochineal is another very annoying parasite that can endanger the health of our plants: to get our advice on how to get rid of it, I suggest you read our dedicated article: How to get rid of cochineal

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