All about growing potatoes

All about growing potatoes

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There potato cultivation it does not require particular cultivation practices; just follow some precautions when planting the seedlings and harvesting.

The potato is a vegetable that grows underground, for this reason it is good to be especially careful when it is harvested. Let's see in detail all the useful information on how to grow potatoes to have an excellent harvest.

All about the cultivation of potatoes, golden rules

  • Digging

This operation must be performed very carefully; it will be necessary to dig at least to a depth of at least 30 cm. Subsequently, the hoe will be used to break up the clods that are too large and make the soil uniform.

  • Fertilization

Horse manure can be used to fertilize the soil; it must first be scattered on the ground then buried slightly: it will be the frost of the winter months to refine it.

  • Tuber plant

Itubers must be buried at a depth of 12-14 cm and in parallel rows spaced by at least 60 cm: the holes intended to house the tubers can be made with the aid of an awl. The space is not used to facilitate the propagation of the tuber but to better carry out the normal maintenance work and facilitate the harvest. This is why, when growing on the balcony, the potato can be buried in a sack rich in soil and compost. Also to facilitate maintenance work (irrigation, weed removal) and harvesting, it is preferable to space the tubers along the row with 20-30 cm

  • Rotation

For the cultivation of potatoes, rotation is a necessary practice; avoid sowing potatoes on the same ground for more than a year. Instead of potatoes we will be able to sow green beans, corn ...

  • Potato seed

For subsequent sowing avoid using your own tubers, it is better to change the seed of the potato to prevent production from decreasing.

  • Illnesses

Potatoes fear the morning dew as it exposes them to the proliferation of fungi. To avoid this problem, copper can be used. It should be put before flowering and then after flowering.

  • Tamping

When the seedlings begin to grow and therefore reach a height of about 30 cm, tamping must be carried out, an operation that consists in piling up a little earth around the stem. This practice is to give the plant more stability, so the potatoes will grow underground and not on the surface.

  • Collected

The potato harvest should be done when the plant is dry and when the potato no longer peels. To verify this, just take a potato from the ground and rub it in your hands: if the skin remains compact and attached to the tuber, it means that they are ready for harvest.

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