Proper maintenance of the air conditioner

Proper maintenance of the air conditioner

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Theremaintenance of the air conditionerit is necessary to guarantee an efficient, functioning and long-lasting apparatus. Thereordinary maintenance of the air conditionercan be divided into 3 phases, in the first you will perform the classic cleaning of the filter, in the second you will need to check the outdoor unit and with the third you will do a quick check of the refrigerant gas.

After having seen how to dedicate the right maintenance to the boiler, let's see how to clean the air conditioner to extend his life.

Let's face it, the works of maintenance they are always very boring but this time you just have to think that you are dedicating yourself to your favorite device, the one that gives you relief during the long and hot summer days; in short, work a little to ensure the proper functioning of theair conditionernot only is it a duty but it is also rewarding.

The goodmaintenance of the air conditionerwill keep you away from technical interventions: aconditionerneglected is synonymous with money spill, on the one hand you will have to call a technician to replace the worn parts and on the other you will have to bear the higher costs in your bill. Aair conditioner with dirty filtersit requires more energy to operate than a well maintained air conditioner. Let's see together how to clean the air conditioner filter, how to check the refrigerant gel and how to take care of the outdoor unit.

How to clean the air conditioner filters

There are many users who are wonderinghow to replace the air conditioner filtersbut ... most of the time just cleaning them to make them new. For clean the air conditioner filters just take them apart and wash them with plain water and… alcohol. Cleaning the air conditioner is an extremely easy operation to perform.

Alcohol is a natural disinfectant antibacterial, think they also use it for cleaning hospitals. For remove the air conditioner filter all you have to do is lift the front door, the one just above the slot from which the air comes out. The air conditioners are already set up to allow the user to remove the filters quickly, so you won't need any special screwdriver or tool.

* How to proceed: disassemble the filter, wash it with warm water and disinfect it with alcohol.

How often should the air conditioner filter be cleaned?
Much depends on your home hygiene.
Let's say that this operation must be performed at least once a year.

How to clean the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

The frequency of this operation depends on the place where the outdoor unit is installed. It is not necessary to open it to clean the inside, just use a vacuum cleaner. Try to be thorough and thorough in this job, especially where the fan blades are. Vacuum up any pollen, dust and other dirt that can clog and tire the fan. If the vacuum cleaner is not enough, you can help yourself with a soft bristle brush to clean the grill, drop the dirt and then vacuum it away.

How to check the refrigerant gas of the air conditioner

If theconditionerfails to cool the room (in conditions of good insulation and a good sizing of the apparatus), the first thing to do is to check the refrigerant gas. In this case it would be better to contact a technician to check together that there are no refrigerant gas leaks or there may be a need to recharge it.

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