How to save on air conditioner

How to save on air conditioner

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How to save on air conditioner: all the expert advice to save on air conditioning without sacrificing.

In the summer, very few people are ready to give up conditioner. I myself, living on the seafront of Salerno, in the heart of the South, cannot do without it. Yet the air conditioning it is one of the most energy-intensive appliances; to remind us of this is Enea (National energy and environment agency) which, in addition to informing us of the harmful environmental impact, gives us advice on good habits to adopt to make the most of the conditioner and save energy.

How to save on air conditioner

The best strategy to save on the air conditioner (but also to ensure savings on heating in the winter) is to insulate the house: a well-insulated house guarantees the maintenance of the thermal gradient between the interior and the exterior of the house. If you really have no way of being able to do renovations (insulation can be facilitated through a tax relief of up to 75%), then you will need easier strategies to implement.

Enea warns that by protecting the house from the outside, 50% of the electricity costs associated with the air conditioner can be cut. A surgerylow costconsists in cultivating climbing plants or very tall trees able to shade our house.

Avoid use the conditioner while you cook, when you wash the floor or if you hang the laundry inside the house: in this context, you should open the door to allow air exchange and regulate humidity in a natural way. In an environment saturated with humidity, the air conditioner tends to require more energy to lower the temperatures, turn it on only after having ventilated the room.

I bet when you come home the first thing you do is turn on the conditioner… True? Nothing more wrong! Upon returning, first open the windows and keep them open for a few minutes: the time to allow the heat and humidity to escape and facilitate the work conditioner.

Do not set temperatures below 26 ° C. Actually, to figure out which temperatures to set at conditioner just look at the external mercury column: only 3 degrees less than the external temperature are enough to have a feeling of freshness. On very hot days, try not to exceed a temperature difference of 6 degrees between the home and the outside. For each degree less you set there is an extra burden to pay in the bill.

Think about the environment
To learn how to use the air conditioner better, think about how high your bills will be, without underestimating the environmental damage it causes. How many air conditioners do you have in the house? Two? Three? On average, for the summer season, a small air conditioner consumes as much as a car would consume by traveling 2,000 kilometers. With two air conditioners you emit just enough to drive the entire boot four times, from North to South.

For consume little with the conditioner also remember to carry out the right maintenance.

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