Natural remedies for muscle cramps

Natural remedies for muscle cramps

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THE cramps they are involuntary muscle contractions that cause quite severe pain; they can occur on: calves, thighs, hands and feet. The causes of these contractions are many but regardless of the origin of this sudden malaise, it is possible to resort to some remedy to soothe the pain.

In any case, through appropriate nutrition and an adequate lifestyle, we can also prevent cramps. In this regard, we will show you how to eliminate muscle cramps by giving you some useful information.

Remedies for muscle cramps, nutrition
A deficit of mineral salts in our body, such as calcium, magnesium or potassium, can cause muscle cramps; to prevent its occurrence it is good to integrate foods rich in mineral salts into your diet; this is the case of green leafy vegetables, bananas, legumes, dried fruit, avocados ...
Another cause attributable to muscle cramps is dehydration, excessive sweating or the bad habit of drinking little water can increase these contractions. Drinking the right amount of water, taking juices or centrifuged (preferably homemade) in your diet can reduce the problem.

Remedies for muscle cramps, lifestyle

  • Intense sporting activity

Excessive physical activity can cause muscle saturation with lactic acid: in the absence of oxygen and mineral salts, the muscle is unable to extend the muscle fibers correctly, thus causing the typical pain of a cramp. To prevent this from happening, it is good not only to have a diet rich in water and mineral salts but also to practice stretching before and after training with stretching and extension exercises of the muscles.

  • Sedentary life

Even a sedentary lifestyle can cause muscle cramps; in this case it is good to reactivate the circulation during the day; just change your position or maybe get up every hour if you sit for a long time.

  • Venous insufficiency

Those suffering from venous insufficiency may be more exposed to the appearance of muscle cramps, especially during pregnancy, generally it is simply a common consequence of fatigue and changes in the body during the months of gestation.

Remedies for muscle cramps
When cramps appear, stretch the affected muscle, stay in position for at least 10 seconds then release very slowly
Then practice a massage, use your thumbs making a movement that goes from the inside out. To make the massage more effective you can use essential oils such as lavender and rosemary, or coconut oil with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

Another natural remedy is chamomile oil to be massaged on the affected area; the oil is obtained by macerating a handful of fresh flowers in cooking oil for a week.

Among the natural remedies against cramps there is no shortage of herbal teas; just prepare some compresses to apply on the painful area to calm the pain. Among the herbal teas, we have chamomile, passion flower, horse chestnut and mallow: they have a relaxing action on the muscles.

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