Energy accumulators: batteries for photovoltaics

Theenergy accumulatorsare devices that serve astoring electricityto be used at certain times. There are different types of energy accumulators: devices that accumulate energy in the form of compressed air, in the form of thermal energy, with fuel cells…. theenergy accumulatorsthe most popular are the classic batteries.

Batteries store energy using an electrochemical storage system and are the best solution to store the surplus energy produced by your photovoltaic system.

Many renewable sources, especially solar and wind energy, produce electricity intermittently. Theenergy accumulatorsthey are the ideal solution for storing the energy surplus produced by the photovoltaic system during peak solar hours. The energy stored by the accumulator can then be fed into the domestic electricity network at times of greatest energy demand (for example, in the evening, when the direct production of the system is not operational).

Those who have an electric or hybrid car can use the on-board batteries as small energy accumulators (for further information:cars that become accumulators) and can equip itself with ad hoc energy storage systems.

The accumulators we are talking about are big rechargeable batteries. They consist of electrochemical cells characterized by reactionselectrically reversible(for this rechargeable). The energy accumulators they are available in different shapes and sizes, they also differ in the different combinations ofreagentsused, including: lead-acid, nickel-cadmium (NiCd), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), lithium-ion (Li-ion), lithium polymer (Li-ion polymer) batteries.

Photovoltaic accumulators are timidly spreading. The slow diffusion is linked to the high purchase costs but thanks to the law of stability it is possible to amortize the purchase cost of aenergy accumulator for photovoltaics through tax deductions.

Mercedes energy accumulators

To meet the growing demand forenergy accumulators, also there Mercedes he's doing his. ThereMercedesproposed a 20 kWh energy storage unit consisting of eight battery modules, each with an energy content of 2.5 kWh.

Theseenergy accumulatorsthey are perfect for storing the energy surplus produced by photovoltaic systems. TheMercedes energy accumulatorsare intended for both commercial and private use, taking advantage of lithium ion technology and ensure a rational use of the energy produced byphotovoltaic, thus eliminating waste and losses.

Panasonic energy accumulators

There are numerous companies that offer photovoltaic storage systems and among these, Panasonic, a leading company also for the supply of photovoltaic modules, could not be missing. The Panasonic energy accumulator has been designed to guarantee a useful life of 5,000 charge cycles and offer long-term operation. All information:Panasonic, accumulators for photovoltaics.

Other batteries for energy storage: photovoltaic accumulators from Bosch.

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