Dobermann: character and price

Dobermann: a name often associated with legends that cast an aggressive shadow on this defense dog which, if well educated, reveals rare skills of acumen and trainability. It is a breed of German origin, docile and sensitive, which deserves a place of honor in the five most intelligent dog breeds.

Medium to large in size, the doberman he shows himself muscular, toned and agile, yet he falls victim to false negative legends. First of all to afflict the doberman it is the brain overgrowth that makes it "crazy" due to the compression of the skull. Just think that if that were the case, you would be in the doberman problems not only at the level of mood and character, but also at the motor and sensory level.

No madness, therefore, on the contrary, the doberman is a very useful dog. For a long time: during the First World War, i doberman in the German army they carried orders to the front, looked for the wounded and missing and watched over the prisoners. Today the doberman he is a skilled rescue dog and in the police forces he is used to search for drugs and explosives. In the USA the doberman is used by marines with the name of "devil dog”Due to the shape of the cropped ears: they look like horns.

Dobermann: origins

The origins of the doberman, a breed that emerged in Apolda in present-day Thuringia (Germany) between 1850 and 1870 but was then officially recognized in 1898, four years after the death of its creator. The dad of the doberman it is intuitively Friedrich Louis Dobermann, municipal messenger and tax collector in a bad period, so much so that going around the street was dangerous for him.

From the need to select a breed where courage, temperament and visceral love for the handler, a dog that acted as his bodyguard, was born his passion as Mr Dobermann for dog shows. By frequenting them, I managed to select a calm, balanced, but courageous dog, ready to defend his master to death.

To get the current doberman he started from the Pinscher: he bought several of the largest specimens and tried to cross them with each other and with other dogs. Canine experiments from which Bismarck was born, black with yellow parts, larger than the Pinscher, but with the right temper to Dobermann: "here we are!" I think. Bismarck, later renamed Bismart in order not to offend the German prime minister, crossed in turn with other dog breeds, certainly including the Stoppelhopser (ancestor of the German Shepherd), the butcher dog.

The character of the Rottweiler is certainly one of the most discussed since this dog was also part of the list of dangerous breeds, when it was in force (in truth on paper it is a balanced, calm, obedient, trainable dog, but also protective and determined, courageous and independent): theGreat Dane, the Manchester, the Greyhound, the Weimar Hound and the Beauceron. Here is finally the Doberman of today.

Dobermann: description

The doberman it is a medium-large sized dog, the males at the withers measure from 68 to 70 cm and weigh from 40 to 44 kg, the females range from 63 to 67 cm, from 32 to 36 kg. The physique, beyond sex, is always athletic and slender. muscular, but always light. The tail, thin and of medium length, is traditionally amputated, as are the ears which are naturally long and hanging. The truffle of doberman it is very voluminous, stands out in a small head, with small eyes, slender and elegant neck.

The hair is always short and shiny, bristly, smooth and shiny, with a thin attachment and homogeneous to the touch. White spots are not allowed on the coat and the most common color is black and tan, but brown and tan are also admitted by the standard while not recognized by the standard, there are also albino, blue and tan, or isabella Dobermans. The last two from 1995 no longer accepted and even for the doberman in this way, reproduction is not allowed because the responsible gene was the same one that then caused the dog a form of alopecia called “color mutant”.

Dobermann: character

Having dispelled the aims on the aggressive "brain compression" character, we can safely say that the doberman is a peaceful and sociable dog, affectionate, attentive, curious and very courageous. He is very attached to his family and with his master, in particular, he develops a relationship of almost veneration. He would defend him to the death.

We remember in fact that its creator wanted it so, true Mr. Dobermann? With children, always in the face of dog legends, he is very delicate and thoughtful: an excellent playmate, always cheerful, very patient and tolerant. As with any animal, it is necessary not to leave small children alone doberman,the dog must be trained to be with them. And vice versa, children not to drive him crazy with intentional and unwanted spite. It is a question of mutual education.

Dobermann: education

Defense dog, yes, the doberman, and also boasts an excellent level of trainability. As we have said to be with children it is essential that they are used to having appropriate behaviors and the doberman in turn. His nature is however deeply affectionate. Loyalty is also natural in this breed, indeed, it is abundant and almost exaggerated so much that the bond that the doberman he creates with his master truly has a power that borders on the incredible. For a strong-feeling dog like the doberman good socialization is important, with humans and with his peers, and an owner with a consistent behavior who knows how to impart a firm education.

Dobermann: price

There is no price list prices for the doberman, as often happens with other dog breeds, but one thing is certain, or almost: if a puppy of doberman costs less than 700 euros there is something wrong. And this something to do with pedigree or the like. Breeding and breeding purebred animals is expensive, you have to follow standards and follow sample by sample. An "investment" on doberman, cynically speaking, it lasts an average of 10-11 years.

Dobermann: celebrity

Dogs like the dobermanthen, they can have eternal fame. There are several examples, starting with the first official specimen of the species, recorded in 1898: Graf Belling of Greenland. On TV Apollo and Zeus, the two, shine with fame doberman of Higgins of Magnum P.I., called "the boys", while at the cinema always in roles of "enemies" there are doberman in Moonraker - Space Operation, Oliver & Company, Garfield and Up.

The doberman most famous in history, however, is Rancho Dobe's Storm, known as Storm (Storm), lived between 1949 and 1960. From 1950 he began to hang out for exhibitions and won 26 consecutive victories, remaining undefeated throughout his life and adding to his cups two Best in Show titles at the famous Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, a spectacular event hosted continuously every year from 1877 to Madison Square Garden from New York.

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