How to make homemade popsicles

How to make homemade popsicles

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THE homemade popsicles they are the ideal snack for young and old; they are refreshing, low in calories and can be the winning strategy for making children eat fruit. Homemade popsicles are free of dyes and preservatives and those who follow a low-calorie diet can prepare a light version by replacing part of the sugar with natural sweeteners such as stevia which is calorie-free.

The only recommendation is to choose raw materials of controlled and certified origin, preferably organic.
In large shopping centers it is possible to find special ice lolly molds; they exist in the most disparate shapes and prices, the most expensive are those in silicone. If you do not want to make this purchase, alternatively you can use disposable glasses, you only have to insert the wooden sticks just before the popsicle solidifies.

For the preparation you need few ingredients and all natural: water or milk, fruit and sugar, not necessarily refined sugar; you can alternatively use stevia, maple syrup, etc.

How to make lemon popsicles
Among the most loved popsicles we have the lemon one. Its preparation is very simple, it is enough to solidify a lemonade in the molds for popsicles. According to the palate you can decide whether to make it more sour or sweeter; this will depend on the amount of sugar you decide to add to the lemonade.
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How to make fruit popsicles
The fruit popsicle can be prepared in many ways, the only limit is your creativity! You can prepare a double flavor popsicle, trigusto simply by alternating the various fruit preparations in the mold. You can leave whole pieces of fruit in the popsicle or replace the water with tea. You can prepare multivitamin popsicles just like with the preparation of smoothies and centrifuged
The pieces or slices of fresh fruit must first be inserted into the popsicle molds and then filled with sweetened water.

PLEASE NOTE: for lovers of natural cooking, it is possible to choose fruit that is already sweet or ripe so as to avoid the addition of sugar.

How to make yogurt popsicles
As an alternative to water, we can use plain yogurt or milk (or both) to make a popsicle
It will be sufficient to dilute the yogurt with milk and then add the chopped or pureed fruit
Also in this case it will be possible to alternate neutral layers with those of fruit.

Icicle aperitif
Not everyone knows that it is possible to make fantastic popsicles that recall the famous cocktails such as Bellini, Rossini and Mimosa.

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