Does the air conditioning hurt?

Does the air conditioning hurt?

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There is no doubt, the'air conditioning is the best ally in the hot summer seasons, but does it hurt? As in all things, excesses never go well; there are ways and ways of using theair conditioning and certainly with a little attention it is possible to use the device without side effects.

First of all it is appropriate to make a clarification as too often the words air conditioner and air conditioner are used as synonyms: these two terms indicate different appliances.

Difference between air conditioner and air conditioner

Both devices cool the environment but an air conditioner also allows you to regulate air recycling, in addition to setting the most appropriate humidity button based on the temperature, purifying the air, eliminating allergens and pollutants

How to use air conditioning without side effects

  • When regulating the temperature, avoid excessive thermal gradients: about 6 degrees lower than the outside temperature are enough
  • Do not exceed the times of use: a few hours a day are enough, the hottest hours or the times when you have lunch or dinner are preferable
  • Also set the degree of humidity between 40 and 60% to avoid having a too dry environment
  • Make sure that the jet of fresh air is not aimed at the body

Air conditioning, useful tips

  • Choose a high energy efficiency appliance: the purchase of a Class A device may require a greater initial investment, do not worry, the increased price will easily pay off in the bill, and you can also benefit from different types of purchase incentives.
  • Periodically provide for maintenance of the appliance which consists of cleaning the filter in order to avoid the accumulation of dirt, bacteria and mites but also to ensure greater efficiency
  • Air conditioners that have air purifiers can be equipped with special filtering systems. It is advisable to inquire about the type of filter to ensure proper maintenance; the filters can be: in pvc, carbon or active ions. An air conditioner without periodic maintenance may require more energy to operate, which means higher bills. Stale air can be really dangerous for the inhabitants of the house, domestic pollution is a reality that is far too underestimated!
  • If you have an air conditioner, be sure to ensure proper air recycling for the environment.

The suggestions just mentioned can prevent negative health consequences such as headache, neck, joint and muscle pain or ailments such as cough and cold.

Incentives for the purchase of an air conditioner
Those who decide to purchase an energy efficient air conditioner can benefit from two different types of incentives.

Thermal account
The thermal account consists of a partial refund of the amount invested for the purchase of the device. For further information read "Thermal account"

Appliances bonus
For those who buy an A + energy class air conditioner, the stability law provides special incentives. In this case, the benefit is provided in the form of a tax deduction



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