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Vegan and vegetarian recipes of quality, all of : a site, but it is "a point of reference for those looking for ideas, cooking courses and activities related to the vegetarian and vegan world". They tell us Antonia Mattiello, Martino Beria is Davide Schimd in small large doses, to taste, just enough to entice us and make us become fans of vegetarian cuisine. And also de

1) How and when was your project born? how has it developed over time?

Antonia: He was born 2 years ago, one evening in May, eating with friends in the garden and discussing the importance of food and eating well. Martino showed photos of dishes he had prepared and, exchanging ideas, we fantasized about how fun it would be to deal only with cooking and create our own business that would allow us to test ourselves and enhance our skills and ambitions. We were bothvegetarians with vegan aspirations: Martino had just finished a collaboration as a media chef and wanted to take a new path, I wanted to recover a dream that I had been keeping in the drawer for some time: to get back to writing.
Martino: The idea has turned into a project that is perhaps larger than we could have expected, from a simple site of vegetarian and vegan recipes and news, has become a reference point for those looking for ideas, cooking courses and activities related to the vegetarian and vegan world. Davide's entry into the team helped to enhance the cultural aspect of our project.
Antonia: Although the initial idea has developed and grown in these two years of activity, its base has never changed.

2) What is your mission?

Davide: Our mission is to create 100% vegetable gastronomic culture: we believe in the need to rediscover our culinary roots and to create a vegan cuisine of quality, in which to be able to. We Italians are known all over the world for how we eat, Mediterranean cuisine is synonymous with quality raw materials, these characteristics should not be lost when cooking without animal derivatives. Many recipes of our tradition contain neither meat nor fish nor other products of animal origin: basically it is vegetarian or vegan recipes. Our way to build and spread the basis for a vegan gastronomic culture together with all the people who follow us has been and still is to create and manage a site that you publish vegan recipes and that explains the use of some still unknown foods, organize cooking events and courses, write in-depth articles on food or other related topics.

3) What is your idea of ​​GOOD FOOD?

Martino: Cooking is a cultural act. Just as cooking requires a will, to cook good cooking requires research. There good food must please, and being satisfied is not contemplated. The search for quality products and raw materials goes hand in hand with the search for the idea. A plate of spaghetti with tomato deceives only on the surface: because neither the combination of a few genuine ingredients nor their symbolic content is trivial.
The good vegan cuisine and not, it must take into account taste and aesthetics: however, the value of the dish is measured not only on a hedonistic level, but also on a historical-cultural, symbolic and technological level.
Davide: Eating is a gesture that involves man in his relationship with other animals and nature: it speaks of the overall meaning we give to the world. And good food for us is also the choice of a world in which animals are not exploited.
Antonia: Although the type of cuisine we do is aligned, we do not communicate it with extremism. In fact, we believe that the good example of balance and joy is the best means of promotion ever.

4) In addition to the site, you also organize events: what kind? on what themes and to whom are they addressed? how can you participate?

Antonia: We organize different types of activities, give them show cooking to tastings, from conferences to cooking courses. You can register directly from the site by accessing the courses section or by writing to [email protected] The audience we address ranges from lovers of good food (vegan and otherwise) to professionals in the sector who wish to update themselves on vegan vegetarian recipes and expand their proposal.

5) Which courses have you promoted or organized so far and which have been most successful?

Martino: The cooking course that has been most successful up to now is certainly the course of basic vegan cuisine. The basic course is dedicated to those approaching for the first time the vegan cuisine and wants to know more about the ingredients and techniques that characterize this type of cuisine. We too have gone from being omnivorous to being vegan: we know the difficulties of readjusting. The basic course is designed to offer participants new reference points in the kitchen: in addition to proposing vegan recipes and explain how they are made, we give them tips and advice, we reveal our secrets and share our experiences. What we love most about the courses we run is the climate of friendship and exchange that is created at the end of the evening; the good relationships that arise, the chat before going home, the exchange of photos of the dishes tried at home, are all things that make each course different and special, an experience with people who have shared a moment, a stretch of life together with us. This is further proof of how food is a very powerful means, able to unite people.

6) What does the activity you carry out in hotel schools consist of?

Martino: We take care of training. In the hotel schools the restaurateurs of tomorrow are formed, and we, while still considering ourselves young, look to future generations believing in their abilities and trying to stimulate in them a new sensitivity regarding cooking without animal derivatives.
Antonia: Unfortunately, Italy not only has one of the highest rates of school dropout in Europe, but also a strong tendency to return illiteracy, and among all Europeans we are the ones with the lowest percentage of graduates. This question is very important to us and for this reason we strongly believe in training and in helping to stimulate in young people the desire to know, get informed and believe in their passions.

7) What can be found on your site? news coming? can you contribute and how?

Antonia: In They are vegan recipes for all tastes, most are Martino's recipes, but there are also many recipes from our users. Anyone wishing to enter their dishes, has to do is register on the site and upload photos, ingredients and steps of the recipe. Among the various initiatives we will soon activate gods live together in which to exchange ideas on vegan culture and not only that, while cooking and dining together; we will also organize a course of foodphotography dedicated to food bloggers and photography enthusiasts. Finally, among the upcoming novelties, there is a project we are very proud of and which has involved us a lot in recent months, a cookbook that will contain more 100 new vegan recipes and which will be released in bookstores in October.

The friends of are also on Facebook and Youtube, also on Facebook the chef Martino Beria and Davide Schimd at your, our, disposal, for vegan recipes, and not only.

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