Pepper, planting and cultivation

Pepper, sowing and cultivation in the garden and in pots. How to grow and sow peppers in pots and in the vegetable garden. Fertilizer, irrigation and care.

When to sow the pepper

  • January / February (only in pots, in a protected environment)
  • March April
  • May June

The sweet pepper it is a vegetable very suitable for mild climates; the ideal temperatures for its development are 16-18 ° during the night and 25-30 ° during the day. It can be sown in the garden starting from spring or, for those who want to work theresowing in pots, in a protected environment, cultivation can be anticipated as early as February.

Those who want to anticipate the cultivation of peppers can sow in a protected environment and plant the plants that are already well developed, when the temperatures allow it.

With some precautions, it is possible to dedicate oneself to the cultivation of peppers even in pots.

Pepper, planting and cultivation

On this page we will show you how to grow pepper by giving you some useful information on the soil, fertilization, irrigation and all the care to be devoted to the pepper.

  • The terrain

When sowing, make sure that the soil is of medium texture: neither too sandy nor too clayey but fertile, deep and with a good quantity of calcium.

  • How to fertilize peppers

Ensure a rich soil, therefore add mature manure during the soil preparation phases. And since it consumes a lot of magnesium and loves calcium, it could also be useful to distribute lithotamnum (500 g per 10 m2) or rock flour (2 kg per 10 m2).

  • How to water the pepper

Water constantly and regularly for the entire duration of the vegetative cycle: irrigation can be suspended a couple of days before harvesting, in order to have tastier and easier to store vegetables.

  • How to sow peppers

Since the pepper loves rather high temperatures to germinate and the sprouting times are quite long, it is preferable to sow in seedbeds. Those who live in the South will be able to sow in January-February, but those who live in the Center-North will have to wait until February-March.

  • How to plant peppers

Transplant the peppers in the ground, in a row or in two rows, remembering that a medium-sized pepper needs about 60 cm of space in each direction.

  • Pepper, care

Clean the soil from weeds, if possible mulch with straw and tuck the plants up when they have reached a height of about 30-40 cm. This operation will give greater stability to the plant whose foliar apparatus is always more developed than the root system.

  • When to collect

After a couple of months from the transplant it will be possible to harvest the first peppers and even if they are not too ripe they will be excellent for enriching salads. The fruits of the pepper ripen gradually, that is, not all at the same time. The first fruits that form at the base are larger and their pulp thicker, while those at the top, especially at the end of the season, are smaller and thinner.

When the harvest is almost over, it is advisable to remove a few leaves to favor proper solar radiation and a good ripening of the last fruits. As for yellow or red peppers, it is best to wait until they have reached the color expected by that variety before completing the harvest.

As for the quantities of the harvest, know that if the cultivation goes well, each pepper plant is capable of producing about two kilos of fruit. Therefore about ten plants will suffice for one family.

How to grow pepper in pots

Can peppers be grown in pots? Yes, you can consult the guide "How to grow peppers in pots“.

The definitive decanting must be done when the plant has already developed a good leaf apparatus, large and thick, with at least 3-4 large leaves.

How big should the pot size be? In many blogs we read an average size of 30 cm per pot. We tell you that you will get the best results with pots that are at least 40 cm wide.

Pepper seeds

Pepper seeds are easily found in garden centers, nurseries or agricultural consortia, however, those who prefer online shopping can find various varieties with interesting organoleptic properties on Amazon. On “this Amazon page” you will find several seeds of pepper varieties.

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