How to prepare Kefir at home

How to prepare Kefir at home: instructions for making kefir at home. Cow's milk kefir, vegetable milk kefir or water kefir. All about the preparation of kefir.

For thepreparation of kefiryou will need the kefiran, those who are called in jargonkefir granules or grains. Therepreparation of kefirrequires the inoculation of milk with kefir ferments, an agglomeration of bacteria and yeasts residing in polysaccharide structures produced by the same bacteria, these structures take on the classic granule structure and hence the namekefir granules.

Where to buy Kefir granules?
On ebay, there are many sellers offering different weights of fresh and ready-to-use kefir granules. THEkefir granulesthey reproduce on their own, so an initial purchase, if well cared for, could last for years.

For thepreparation of kefir, in addition tokefiranyou need a one-liter glass jar and a breathable cap that you can build yourself using a coffee filter and a ring seal.

Finally, you will need a "culture medium" or rather, a means with which to feed the microorganisms present in the polysaccharide granules. Traditionally, thekefiris prepared with whole, goat or cow's milk, you can use any milk to obtain akefirwith a typical sour taste and a semi-creamy consistency similar to that of yogurt.

If you don't like cow's milk you can prepare thewater kefir. Thewater kefirrequires a preliminary step: you will have to add nutrient substrates to the water for the microorganisms, and you will also not be able to use tap water which could contain deadly chemicals forkefiran.

If you want to prepare thekefirwithvegetable milkyou can use thecoconut milk natural. Make sure you buy coconut milk with no chemical additives and no added sugar.

Thekefirprepared can be drunk alone or mixed in the preparation of othersrecipes, among the simplestrecipes with Kefirwe point out the smoothies and savory pancakes, where thekefirit is used as a substitute for yogurt.

How to make kefir at home

Preparing kefir is extremely simple:

  1. Pour in 2 tablespoons ofkefir granulesin a glass jar
    the amount of granules used initially strongly affects the flavor of the drink, with experience you can make changes according to your tastes.
  2. Add 700ml of cow's milk to the jar
    be careful not to fill the jar to the brim as fermentation requires oxygen.Leave 1/3 of the jar free.
  3. Cover the jar and store it at room temperature
    low temperatures prevent fermentation while excessively high temperatures kill microorganisms.
  4. Let the mixture ferment for 8 hours
    By preparing the kefir in the evening, it will be possible to drink the resulting drink the next morningThe longer the fermentation time, the more acidic and dense the kefir obtained will beIf you don't like a too sour taste, you can spend 5 hours on fermentation. Water or coconut milk kefir will need to ferment for over 8 hours.
  5. Filter the kefir with a very tight mesh strainer
    After filtration, the kefir will be ready to drink or to be used for other recipes that require "kefir yogurt“.

Kefir-based recipes and its benefits

For the properties of kefir, its benefits on the body, the recipes and its applications in the field of natural cosmetics, I recommend the bookKefir. The leaven of health.

Kefir, where to buy it

You can find them in the best-stocked pharmacies or, if you're lucky, in shops specializing in the sale of natural products. The easiest way to buy kefir provides for the use of the web. Many sellers offer the purchase of live cultures but since we do not know how shipments are handled, it is better to focus on dehydrated products to be activated at home. From this point of view I point out theKefir company bio starter culture. The product is offered on Amazon at a price of € 19.95 with free shipping costs and contains several bags of dehydrated enzymes ready to resume their activity once they come into contact with water or milk.

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