Tomato care for big fruit

Tomato care for big fruit

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To have tomato care while they ripen it is essential if you want large and tasty fruits. It takes a little time, which the horticulturist must never lack, and a little technique that you learn. However, we are talking about fairly simple operations and once practiced they are never forgotten. Come on, the worst that can happen is to ruin a plant or two. But it is wrong to learn.

The operations of tomato care on adult plants there are substantially two, the twisting or chaffing and the topping, but first comes the implantation and the laying of the brace. So let's take a step back and start from the beginning.

Tomato care: planting and laying the stakes

The young tomato seedlings are planted in the garden in April and soon need tutors. Speaking of tomatoes with an indeterminate bearing (where the plant grows in height on a single stem), the most practical system to support the fruiting stages that will form from the plant is to drive two poles at the head of the rows and stretch galvanized wires. spaced 30-40 cm apart. Near each plant another support is positioned which can be tied to the wires. To tie the plants to the supports, tubular plastic laces are used and the knots must be firm but soft, to be checked periodically.

Tomato care: the removal of seeds

Already from the first phase of growth of the seedlings, at the base of the leaves, in the armpit between the stem and the branch, shoots called 'female' are formed. Females must be removed (hence the name of sfemminellatura) because, being able to produce fruit berries themselves, they compete with the main branch and weaken it. If the female is allowed to grow, the plant will produce more tomatoes but small in size and poor quality.

In the red circle, the axillary shoot called 'female'

The removal of the axillary females (looking closely at the plant it is easy to identify them) should be done when they reach 2-3 cm in length because if you intervene earlier you risk injuring the stem. You can use your fingers if the twigs are small and tender, otherwise well-sharpened scissors. The operation must be repeated weekly.

Tomato care: topping

When the tomato plant has become adult, after the formation of the fourth stage of lateral branches, we proceed with the topping. This operation consists in cutting the apical shoot cleanly in order to limit the development of the plant in height and to concentrate the sap at the bottom. The topping facilitates the ripening of large and juicy tomatoes.

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