Cat pregnancy: how long it lasts

Cat pregnancy: how long it lasts

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Pregnancy of cats: lasts about sixty days and each cat, domestic and of medium size, can churn out 4 or 5 kittens at a time. THE Siamese are slightly more proliferative, and have a longer gestation, while i Persians are less fertile, but these are the times for pregnancy of cats. At the first signs - then we will see which ones - an antenatal visit is necessary, usually recommended two or three weeks after conception: in this way the veterinarian can help us by recommending diet changes or supplements.

Cat pregnancy: how long it lasts

There pregnancy of cats, counting the days from conception to birth, is on average 65, to be precise, even if nature is creative, it can be indicated that childbirth generally takes place between 63 and 69 days subsequent to mating. If the puppies are born before 60 days, there is a serious risk of non-survival as they are physically too immature.

The times of pregnancy of cats they are scanned even before birth: from the 21st to the 25th day, for example, it is time for an ultrasound while before you would not see anything. Don't be under the illusion that you can still know the number of kittens even at that point. For that certainty you have to wait for the 45th day of pregnancy of cats, at which time the bones ossify.

The 45th is also the day it is recommended for mother cat to eat croquettes on purpose, which guarantee a correct energy supply, also in view of lactation, with the smallest intestinal obstruction possible.

We can always talk about times, for the pregnancy of cats, arrived at the key moment: the speed with which the kittens are delivered varies from two to six hours. It is not a "constant emission": the former are born faster, in half an hour, the latter seem to delay, in truth they must have time to descend along the uterine horn.

Pregnancy of cats: the days before

Let's take a step back now and see what happens a few days after the conclusion of the pregnancy of cats. A few days after giving birth, the cat becomes more restless, assumes a maternal behavior, shows an abnormal redness of the nipples. It's time to prepare the basket for her to give birth to: soft and full of things she likes.

They are blankets, rags, fabrics, soft toys: she must be at ease, serene. For purely practical purposes, the edge must be low to allow her to enter comfortably, but high so that the kittens do not escape. The controversial indications for the pregnancy of cats

There are still no laboratory tests to diagnose cat pregnancy, but when the signals, and the vet, say that there is little, besides providing for nest basket, it is better not to let the cat out and, at home, close drawers, cupboards, cupboards. In fact, even the most beautiful basket could be preferred to some other more original place in which to give birth: it is known that cats love to make independent choices.

One day before giving birth, the signs become very evident: the temperature drops by one degree, the cat is affectionate, sometimes she can lose her appetite. If everything returns to normal after giving birth, no worries, otherwise notify the vet.

Cat pregnancy: childbirth

With some differences and many affinities with the human one, the pregnancy of cats takes place in a perfectly natural way. The cervix dilates, the uterus muscles begin to contract, breathing becomes more frequent, the cat may purr or gasp with her mouth open. Then the waters break, the contractions become more frequent and in a moment here are the kittens.

At this stage of the cat pregnancy, the mother could stand or lie on the side, it depends, there is no recommended position other than the one she decides. Who attends the pregnancy of cats must check that each kitten born corresponds to an expelled placenta, if one remains, it could create infections.

The kittens can present either head or rear, breech birth does not create problems like us humans, complications instead arise in the pregnancy of cats if the baby has a sideways back or if he is very big. Usually in the pregnancy of cats the mother breaks the amniotic sac and the umbilical cord, licking the baby to make him breathe. If she does not do it, we must help her by vigorously but gently massaging the little ones, especially the nose and mouth.

Cat pregnancy: complications

In pregnancy of cats There may be situations in which it is recommended, if not strongly advised, to contact your veterinarian immediately. For example if at the end of the pregnancy of cats mom shows greenish fluid leaks at any stage. Red is fine as long as it's not too abundant.

Also the absence of contractions during pregnancy of cats, or present but very weak, is an anomaly to be reported to the veterinarian as well as the fact that the cat, after giving birth, continues to breathe too quickly or to pant excessively. A fairly frequent complication is that the kitten gets stuck in the birth canal taking too many hours from the birth of the previous one.

Cat pregnancy: breastfeeding

The kittens were born, sprinkled the house with blue and pink bows, the pregnancy of cats is over but the mother cat has her business. Feed the kittens generally for around fifty days after pregnancy of cats. Then there is the weaning from the fourth week. It may happen that, despite the pregnancy of cats goes smoothly, the mother is unable to breastfeed the kittens: artificial feeding is carried out without anything compromising the childhood and health of the newcomers to the world.

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