Savory, cultivation guide

There savory, a plant of the Labiatae family such as Mint and Marjoram, is undoubtedly one of the simplest aromatic plants to grow; even if it is a little known aromatic, it does not mean that it is not tasty! It is mentioned by the Greeks and appears in many recipes of Ancient Rome, where it was also used for its medicinal properties.

However, it should be noted that there are many varieties of savory. The best known species are the Savory hortensis with a more delicate aroma, similar to that of oregano, then there are perennial and suffrutic shrub species such as the mountain savory with an intense aroma with hints of lemon, the savory cedrina and the mountain savory repens. The latter, also suitable for rock gardens, is known for attracting a multitude of bees.

For gastronomic use, two are mainly used: the Satureja hortensis with a sweet and delicate aroma, which in summer is covered with white flowers and whose seeds are able to grow anywhere even in the most hidden interstices; and the Satureja montana, which as we have seen instead has a strong and spicy flavor and its pink / violet flowers sprout on the top of the branches.

How to grow savory, satureja hortensis
For this variety it is enough to buy seeds in bags and scatter them in spring in a dry and sunny soil. For sowing in pots, use soil suitable for aromatic herbs. Since the seeds are very small and therefore too many of them fall in the same point, the plants could grow too close; in this case it is enough to have the patience to remove the extra ones, leaving 20 cm between one plant and another.
In the kitchen, the leaves collected before flowering or even the inflorescences in full bloom are used.

How to grow savory, satureja montana
It is a perennial shrub that grows spontaneously in areas with a Mediterranean climate, in calcareous and stony soils well exposed to the sun. In these conditions you can find it even at 1600 m of altitude. It can be reproduced by cutting if you know where to find it spontaneously or maybe if you know some friends who kindly give it to you. Alternatively, you can buy the young plant of mountain savory in an aromatic nursery.

To collect it, just cut small portions of the tips with scissors and if you want to keep it to dry it will be enough to do this before flowering. Once flowering has taken place, remember to carefully pinch the plant. Only in this way will it kick back from below, renewing itself almost completely and thus living longer.
As for crop care, the varieties want well-drained soil and moderate watering and if in doubt, the article on the cultivation of herbs will be useful "How to grow herbs in pots"

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