Support poles for tomatoes

Support poles for tomatoes

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THEtomatoes, as well as other horticultural plants (beans, green beans, cucumbers, peas…) need to be supported by supports. Unfortunately, the installation of the braces and / or support poles is too often neglected or poorly performed.

Eggplant, pepper and tomato, they need tosupport poststo be able to grow according to one's posture and give abundant productions. Thanks tosupport poles for tomatoes, the harvests will not only be more abundant but also of higher quality with more intact and healthy fruit.

Thanks tosupport poststhe light is better distributed throughout the plant and the harvested fruits are more intact and less exposed to parasites.

Betweenguardiansthat can be installed in the garden include bamboo canes and wooden poles. THEwooden posts(as well as bamboo canes or PVC stakes) can be placed in rows or planted for each individual plant. When you decide to install more wooden poles, these can be fixed together by means of galvanized iron wires or special string.

Between support poles for tomatoes two wires must be installed at different heights:

  • the first at 25 - 35 cm from the ground
  • the second wire at a height of 75 - 85 cm from the ground

In place of the galvanized wires, to give greater stability to the row, a tie rod can be arranged on both ends and then fixed to the ground with a sturdy stake.

Like thewooden posts, bamboo canes are also very versatile. Both bamboo canes and wooden poles can be set up as a pyramid or an easel, simply by crossing two poles as shown in box one of the photo above.

The pyramidal composition, as shown in box 3 above, is not recommended because, even if it gives a good sun exposure, it does not allow a good passage of air, so various fungal diseases are favored.

Where to buy tomato stakes, bamboo canes or support poles for tomatoes?
Just go to a garden center or a shop specializing in gardening items. Online mail order is also possible. Useful links to consult prices and models:
1) 10 bamboo bamboo rods
2) Plastic-coated bamboo stakes

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