How to heal a stiff neck naturally

The torticollis is a muscular contracture that can be generated by very different causes: a wrong movement of the head, a too soft mattress ... and here the neck stiffens and even just looking around becomes torture.

Fortunately, it is a transitory condition, it tends to resolve itself within a few days, although there are relapses. Let's see how to treat a stiff neck naturally without resorting to drugs. The impulse is obviously to remain motionless, so as not to evoke pain, but it is not necessarily the best solution: of course, avoiding moving it reduces the pain in the neck but this causes further stiffening of the muscles thus triggering a vicious circle of pain / contracture / pain.

How to cure a stiff neck, natural remedies
Before using painkillers we can try natural methods that often prove effective: why not try?
Stress and anxiety in fact worsen the stiff neck as tensions are discharged on the spine, including the cervical tract.
On the market there are preparations based on arnica, they have pain-relieving properties, as well as anti-inflammatory and help reduce pain. Our grandmothers, to cure a stiff neck, resorted to hot pepper.

However, one of the most used remedies is to warm the part, as well as keeping the area warm with scarves or neck warmers. Heat helps: it relaxes contracted muscles, the primary source of stiffness and pain, with immediate relief. In addition, by increasing the flow of blood to the area affected by the stiff neck, it promotes oxygenation by accelerating the elimination of the molecules that induce pain.
In addition, heat reduces the transmission of pain signals through a mechanism that involves the nerve fibers that carry them to the brain and are also sensitive to temperature.

In the absence of inflammation, we can use the classic hot water bag or a dry and hot towel to wrap around the neck, as well as hot-moist compresses using cotton or linen pieces.
And if we want to keep the area constantly warm, even outside the home, today it is possible to buy self-heating bands, which adhere to the part to be treated and leave you free to carry out normal daily activities. They are activated in contact with the air and give off heat for about eight hours.

If the torticollis is associated with an inflammatory state (for example due to a strain or a tear) it should nevertheless be avoided to heat the part.
Equally important is trying to move your head; it would therefore be good, at intervals of about an hour, to make movements with the head in all directions without forcing.

If the pain recurs frequently or radiates up to the arm, the advice is to seek medical attention.

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