Facial spots, how to cure them

How to heal face spots with natural remedies or using natural creams and serums with proven effectiveness. Here is a list of the cure-all ingredients to lighten and heal facial blemishes.

Facial spots:how to treat them naturally

  • - Lemon juice to lighten face spots

Lemon is one of the most effective natural whiteners to eliminate facial blemishes; its whitening effect is due to the content of vitamin C which acts as an excellent regulator of the production of. To benefit from this citrus fruit, simply extract the juice of half a lemon and apply it directly to the affected area before going to sleep. It should be applied only in the evening, while those who do not have sensitive skin problems can leave it on all night and rinse it off with plenty of cold water the next morning.

  • - Avoid the sun

Remember that sun exposure aggravates your problem. All information on how to protect yourself from the sun is contained in our article dedicated to "sunburn“.

  • - Rosehip oil

Rosa Mosqueta is a plant native to Chile, the oil extracted from its leaves can not only help us prevent wrinkles, it can be an excellent ally in the fight againstdark spots on the skin. Rosehip oil can lighten or eliminate dark spots on the skin caused by scars and is very effective in lightening and attenuating the spots on the face due to skin aging or exposure to the sun. Where to buy Rosa Mosqueta oil? We recommend the link of Organic Rosehip Oil, 100% pure sold at a price of 14.90 euros for a 120 ml bottle (the 60 ml bottle costs 11.90 euros).

  • - Green clay

The ventilated green clay seems to be a good adjuvant in the treatment forfacial blemishes. It is useful for the formulation of natural masks. To prepare a natural clay-based mask, simply mix green clay powder with warm water to be added little by little; the water must be added to obtain a paste with a pasty consistency that does not drip easily.

The best natural remedies for lighten face spots are available in our article dedicated toSkin spots.

Facial blemishes, creams

Fortreat face blemishesIt is possible to purchase various specific products, the only problem is that most of the creams on the market are made with mixtures of hydrocarbons or other artificial chemical agents that too often turn out to be excessively aggressive for the skin.

Our recommendation is to choose one cream to treat face spots as natural as possible: always read the label! Find out about the active ingredients of the cream you are interested in and check that there are no hydrocarbon mixtures such as paraffin or other petroleum derivatives; make sure there are no preservatives or artificial colors.

Among the products on the market we recommend onenatural creambased on extract of Watercress (a very common plant), Genistein (an isoflavone with antioxidant action known since 1800 and extracted from broom), Papain (an enzyme made from papaya, great for lighten skin spots) and Argan oil.

The ingredients of the anti-stain serum they are simple even if by convention, the INCI names are provided on the label, therefore more difficult to understand by those not familiar with the subject. To reassure you, we mention some of the ingredients present in the product indicated: Arachidyl glucoside is an eco-certified ingredient of natural origin and is suitable for the formulation of products for sensitive skin. Serine, Alanine and Proline are essential amino acids for the well-being of our skin, Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil is more commonly known asArgan oil.

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