Do it yourself dividers and separators

Do it yourself dividers and separators

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Do-it-yourself dividers and separators: a guide that will explain how to make simple dividers to create new domestic spaces.

Those who live in a decent-sized house will have to strive to find new ways to configure the space and designate functional areas according to your needs.

If you don't have a studio, you don't necessarily have to give up your corner of tranquility, perhaps with the right divider placed in the living room, you can do something. The goal is to find flexible solutions to divide different rooms in the house without wasting precious space.

The green wall
Do you like the green wall above? Do you think it is very expensive? If you like the idea of ​​creating a partition with plants, don't be discouraged, the price will not be an impediment. First of all, you can create your vertical wall yourself using hanging pots or pots to be fixed to the ground with bamboo canes that support climbing plants or use pallets directly.

Those who do not want to try their hand at carpentry work can create their green separating wall from specially designed decorative vases. To get an idea, I refer you to the Amazon page of the indoor or garden planter. Furnishing booth. Vertical support is perfect for allowing low maintenance climbing plants to grow.

Shutters and doors
Old doors and windows, if well polished and repainted, can make an excellent dividing element, not bulky and very easy to manage.


Wood and natural elements
It is possible to make dividers starting from simple wooden branches fixed on a substrate. To understand what we are referring to, we invite you to visit our photo gallery which contains a large number of ready-to-use ideas.

Those who love natural elements can consider purchasing a solid wood design Separe 'but only after carefully assuming the possibility of making a booth yourself! If woodworking isn't your thing, the string room divider might be quite simple to make.

Divider with ropes
The construction process is quite simple and the result is the one presented in the photo above. Two wooden boards with regular spacing were used. The holes must be thick enough to accommodate the diameter of the strings. The wooden boards serve to "hide" and anchor the ends of the ropes so that they can be better fixed to the ceiling and floor.


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