Cane corso: character and price

Cane corso: character and price

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Cane corso, does not mean "made in Corsica" nor, by extension, "made in France": the cane corso it's all Italian. In order not to be misled, we must refer to the Latin: the term “corso” derives from the Latin feminine noun cohors (cohors, cohortis). Among his translations we find the explanation, and the character and disposition of the Cane Corso. It is first of all the enclosure of the farm, the threshing floor, and the cane corso it is also a courtyard dog, because it defends it and defends those who live there.

Another meaning is that of companion: "crew, escort of a commander, assistant to a magistrate", and here is the ability of the cane corso to team up and work alongside the boss who we will see later. Always "cohors" also has a military meaning: as a cohort, auxiliary militia or cavalry squadron. We have not yet moved from its denomination, and del cane corso we already know a lot about his character. The magic of Latin and curiosity!

Cane Corso: origin

Sure now that the cane corso is a canine breed of Italian origin, also recognized by the FCI, we can locate it in the group molossoid and, from a functional point of view, among catch dogs. Its fellows are pinscher, schnauzer and, also, Swiss cattle dogs.

Speaking of other dogs, the question of the Neapolitan mastiff needs to be addressed immediately. Yes, there are those who associate them, confuse them, want them brothers. What results, ban on historical and / or metropolitan legends, is that cane corso and Neapolitan mastiff are two distinct types of dogs: they are "relatives" but they are not the same animal.

The mastiff would be a more imposing and short-haired variant of the cane corso. It was at the wish of the king of Naples Ferdinand II of Aragon (1469- 1496) that the cane corso with a Mallorcan catch dog that is short-haired, to achieve something like our handsome cane corso, handsome and combative, but with different hair.

Cane corso: coat

The mantle of the cane corso, in fact, the one on the back, it is understood, is hard to the touch, almost bristly. It is due to the fact that his hair is short but not shaved: there is an undercoat that never emerges which intensifies in the winter season and which has this effect. Perhaps unpleasant to King Ferdinand.

As for color, the cane corso it can be black, gray from lead to slate or light, and then also tawny both light and dark, up to the brindle variant. This exists both with a tawny base and with a gray base, and the cane corso brindle also has a sort of black or gray mask that extends over the muzzle but never above the eyes. She makes him a little face dipped in dark chocolate. He can't, but we can delight ourselves with small chocolate sweets, even in the shape of a paw.

Cane corso: characteristics

Whatever color it is, the cane corso is a medium-sized animal, the males are from 64 to 68 and weigh 45-50 kg cm, the females a little less: from 60 to 64 cm with a weight between 40 and 45 kg. Bernese mountain dog female, online, I can say that the cane corso it is a little less big and heavy, but it is still a massive, muscular, strong 4-legged animal and not suitable for everyone. Although good and calm, on a leash, pull him if he wants.

Even the neck of the cane corso it is very muscular and continues on a compact, robust and equally “sculpted” trunk up to the tail which is high, large part and then tapers off thus resembling a whip. The head of the cane corso it is a big head and its perimeter, to convey the idea, is more than double its total length. You have white teeth to show one prognate closure, that is, with the jaw moved forward, as per the official ENCI standard, internationally recognized by the FCI.

The eyes of the cane corso they are big and dark, their outline is too: all this gives them an intelligent and alert look. Also alert thanks to the ears which are triangular in shape, pointed and of medium size, while the nose, the nose, gives it a light-hearted, black and large, in a wide and deep muzzle.

Cane corso: character

The cane corso, as seen by studying his name, he is a versatile dog par excellence. The nobles wanted it to defend themselves and their own money, the peasants, who had less money to defend, loved it anyway, and used it for hunting and to lead the herds.

More recently, the cane corso he is welcome in the family and he is kindly welcomed, even being courteous to strangers. Let's not forget that the cane corso he's a guardian dog, and if he smells bad guys, he won't be very polite, but never overly aggressive. We have every reason to use a sympathetically alarming doormat.

In general, if not provoked, the cane corso it is a very sensitive animal, with a sweet and calm nature. He immediately becomes very attached to his owner, loves physical "human-canine" contact and needs it very much. This does not mean that he is a clingy dog, he is rather discreet and intelligent: he knows how to pick up the signals and when it is appropriate or not to exaggerate with the caresses or stay in his place. Train a cane corso it is quite easy - even if it always depends from one dog to another - but usually it is a dog that listens to what its owner tells it.

Cane corso: price

If it can handle its bulk, whoever fell in love with cane corso he has to deal with his own price. No, it is not "kilo" but it is quite high, about 700 euros. Beware of possible deceptions, both online and in unauthorized kennels, you must always check that the cane corso have all his documents in place and certify his purity.

In my opinion, the only reliable ads remain those found at veterinarians or similar facilities, controlled by the subjects themselves but go to breeding is the best way to proceed with the purchase of a cane corso. The best thing is to go and visit it in person to check the conditions of the breeding and the puppies and in any case submit our little puppy to cane corso to a medical examination before taking him home. Sweet eyes or not, you need to check, so that even the price be honest and adequate.

In fact, as a puppy a cane corso it can cost an average of 700 euros, as an adult the price rises dramatically because the breeder had to maintain and raise it. In every sense. A further surcharge can be linked and justified by particular awards obtained from cane corso in competitions or exhibitions, initiatives for which then, if you want me to continue participating, you need to shell out a lot of money. Not just for entries, but for everything that involves keeping an animal that has to win. On all fronts.

Already a cane corso without any pretense of competing and winning medals, it requires, like other dogs - but it should be remembered - expenses for food, first of all, and must be specific if not directly fresh meat from the butcher's shop. While we're at it, you can serve it in creative bowls. Of design.

And then again expenses for vaccinations (annual cost of about 100 euros), for registration in the pedigree register which certifies the purity of the breed, and for the execution of microchips. If the cane corso she is a female, nothing prevents the desire to make her have a litter, and it is not free. But the temptation would come, to see the cane corso so handsome, with a nice character, and also protective, intelligent and faithful. For me it would be a dilemma.

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