How to make homemade syrup, flax syrup

How to make homemade syrup, flax syrup

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In case of cough, cold, nasal congestion, aphonia, we can resort to natural syrups; they help us to counteract these symptoms and to raise our defenses.

In this regard, we will show you how to make a syrup with natural ingredients directly at home, to cure some health problems or simply to prevent them; this is the case for example of flax syrup, the preparation of which is illustrated in the next paragraph.

How to make homemade syrup, flax syrup
We have often extolled, in past articles, the beneficial virtues of flax seeds. The main feature of flax seeds is the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids which make them one of the most valid plant sources of omega 3 ever.
This syrup is particularly indicated in cases of dry or nervous cough; it is also effective if you suffer from constipation.

  • Ingredients

3 tablespoons of flax seeds
3 tablespoons of lemon juice
2 tablespoons of stevia

  • Preparation

Soak the flax seeds in a large cup of water overnight
The following morning, strain them and add the lemon juice and stevia

How to make homemade syrup, recommendations

  • Since syrups have sugar as their main ingredient, which acts as a preservative, you prefer stevia, honey or brown sugar instead of white sugar: they are much more nutritious and have many more benefits, while white sugar prevents the syrup from being great for health
  • The syrups should be stored in a glass container with an airtight and dark lid, preferably in the refrigerator
  • Since they do not contain any preservatives other than sugar or honey, we recommend that you consume them in two weeks maximum. Since they are easy to prepare, it is best to prepare them just before eating them
  • The doses we suggest are one tablespoon on an empty stomach as a prevention, and three tablespoons a day, before meals, as an intensive treatment. In any case it is good to consult a doctor before carrying out any treatment, even if natural.

How to make homemade syrup, variants
We can add some ingredients to our homemade syrups to further enhance its effects. Here are some ingredients:

  • A few drops of propolis, to strengthen your immune defenses
  • Powdered ginger, to eliminate mucus, warm the body and lower fever
  • Essential oil of oregano to eliminate possible pathogens from our body. Just add a few drops to the syrup and shake well, as it tastes quite strong and can be irritating if you overdo the quantities.

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