Cooking vegetables while saving vitamins

Cooking vegetables while saving vitamins

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For cooking vegetables saving as much as possible of their vitamin content there are three systems: in pinzimonio, grilled, stewed. Other cooking methods, such as boiling in water, steaming, etc. are all more destructive (some more, some less) and should be put in the background.

Before cooking vegetables however, you need to know how to preserve and prepare them in the right way. When storing vegetables, excessive light and humidity should be avoided: both are not friends with vitamins, of which the most fragile is vitamin C. Then there is the preparation, with some rules.

First of all, the vegetables must be cut lengthwise and not in a round, whether they are to be used in soup or as a side dish. Before that, however, the vegetables must be washed whole and not in pieces, and never left to soak. In this way, the dispersion of water-soluble vitamins and part of the minerals is avoided.

An excellent habit is to put sea salt, lemon or baking soda on the vegetables after rinsing them. About ten minutes in contact with one of these solutions are used to remove any residues of parasites, herbicides and anticryptograms from the peel. Because vegetables must always be cooked with the peel, given the considerable presence of vitamins and minerals in it.

Cook the vegetables with pinzimonio

The pinzimonio is not a cooking but a raw sauce made with oil, lemon and salt. Garlic (a whole clove), pepper and chilli can be added. The classic vegetables for pinzimonio are carrot and celery, but there are many others, including artichokes.

Cooking vegetables on the grill

For the preparation on the grill or on the soapstone, the whole vegetables must be thinly cut lengthwise. After cooking, which must not be excessive and never get to 'black', the vegetables can be seasoned with a drizzle of oil, citrus juice and aromatic herbs.

In the absence of a grill or plate, the vegetables prepared in the same way can be browned in a pan with a little oil (sunflower) and the addition of beer or grapefruit during cooking to remove fat. In the end, aromatic herbs are fine.

Cooking the stewed vegetables

You need a suitable pot (excellent ones also suitable for cooking cereals) and it is good to stew only one quality of vegetables at a time. They are cut into long pieces, browned with a little sunflower oil and added, during cooking, a little beer or citrus juice. Cooking should be slow and with the lid on the pan.

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