Yellow spots on sanitary ware: natural remedies

Yellow spots on sanitary ware: natural remedies

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For every stain there is a natural remedy. Atyellow stains on the bathroom fixtures there are simple remedies and others that are a little more laborious, but all with a good percentage of success. Keep in mind that all the enamelled surfaces of the sanitary ware stain in various ways over time, and the yellow spots they are a classic, but this does not justify the use of aggressive and harmful products for the environment. And even less the immediate makeover of the enamel, which we keep as a last resort. So here are a couple of natural remedies: first the simplest and then, later, the more laborious one.

Yellow spots on sanitary ware: basic remedy

Help comes from two of the best allies of eco-cleaning at home: lemon and baking soda. When you see some yellow spots in the bathtub Rub it immediately with a lemon cut in half. Or rub it with a sponge and a DIY detergent paste that you will prepare with baking soda and water. It sails the same for the other bathroom fixtures of course and it usually works well.

Yellow spots on bathroom fixtures: an 'intensive' remedy

If the yellow spots they do not disappear by rubbing them with lemon and baking soda, so a more intense action is needed. The basic active ingredient is always sodium bicarbonate, which this time, however, we will use in the amount of a glass together with a little water, 10 drops of lemon essential oil and 10 drops of lavender essential oil.

The ingredients must be mixed until a soft paste is obtained, like that of the descalers in cream that you find in the supermarket. Apply the paste on the enameled surfaces to be cleaned, in the points where the yellow spots have formed, and leave it to act for about an hour. Then rub vigorously and finally rinse with plenty of water. The yellow spots they should have gone, or at least showed signs of 'subsidence'. If the result is not complete, repeat the operation at another time.

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