Thermal account incentives: how to request them

The Thermal Account incentives they can be requested in three ways: direct access, booking of incentives, registration in the Registers. All can be carried out using an IT application accessible (after registration) from the GSE website: PortaLthermal. DoorLthermal allows not only to submit the request Thermal Account incentives, but also to monitor the entire process, from contracting to the provision of incentives.

Thermal Account Incentives: how to apply

Direct access. It is allowed to interventions already carried out. The request for granting the incentives must be submitted by the Responsible Party (the one who incurred the costs of the intervention) through the application form to be sent to the Energy Services Manager within 60 days of the end of the intervention.

Booking of incentives. It is allowed before the interventions are carried out, only in the case of buildings or real estate units owned by public administrations. It is not allowed for interventions that go to the next point.

Registration in the Registers. It is allowed even before the interventions are carried out. Registration in the registers is mandatory for individuals or public administrations in the event that the interventions involve the replacement of plants with biomass generators or heat pumps with a nominal power greater than 500 kW and less than or equal to 1000 kW.

Thermal Account Incentives: subjects admitted

They can request Thermal Account incentives private individuals and public administrations. For private individuals (condominiums and holders of business income or agricultural income) the request for Thermal Account incentives is allowed for 'Small-scale interventions for the production of thermal energy from renewable sources and high efficiency systems' (Article 4 paragraph 2 of the Ministerial Decree of 28 December 2012).

In particular, for private individuals, the following interventions are eligible:

  • replacement of existing winter air conditioning systems with winter air conditioning systems equipped with heat pumps, with rated thermal power up to 1000 kW;
  • replacement of winter air conditioning systems or heating systems of existing greenhouses and existing rural buildings with winter air conditioning systems equipped with biomass-powered heat generators, with nominal thermal power up to 1000 kW;
  • installation of solar thermal collectors, also combined with solar cooling systems, with gross solar surface up to 1000 square meters;
  • replacement of electric water heaters with heat pump water heaters.

Thermal Account Incentives: some examples

Just to understand, a private person who replaces the wood stove with a pellet stove (nominal thermal power of 10 kW and emissions into the atmosphere within the limits but not such as to access the expected bonuses) can obtain from the GSE an incentive equal to: 2 annual installments of 524 euros in climate zone E (e.g. Turin); 2 annual installments of 432 euros in climatic zone D (e.g. Rome); 2 annual installments of 339 euros in climatic zone C (e.g. Bari).

For the installation of a solar collector for the production of domestic hot water (suppose a flat solar collector of 4 square meters of gross surface) an incentive can be obtained equal to: 2 annual installments of 680 euros.