Solar panels for bicycles

Solar panels for bicycles

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THE solar panels for bicycles have become reality thanks to the work of an all-Italian company that has developed Auroras, an apparatus for providing energy to Smartphone, Tablet, preamp speakers, laptops or small refrigerated bottles while we ride a bicycle.

It is a very interesting product for those with a passion for cycling or for those who love to go on holiday by bicycle in places where it is not easy to find an electrical outlet.

Auroras was made to provide the current with continuity, without changing the amperage or voltage characteristics, avoiding any inconvenience to electronic devices.

There Aurore's structure has been designed to minimize weight and aerodynamic drag, remaining within the silhouette of the bicycle.

The dimensions are 42 x 23 x 30 cm and the total weight is about 5 kg.

Once you arrive at your destination Aurore's solar panel can be removed from the bicycle in seconds, so you can use it on different occasions: during a picnic, on the beach or on the occasion of a boat trip.

It is possible to place the aurore solar panel either in front of the handlebar or on the luggage rack or, if desired, in both positions, by purchasing two modules.

Aurore: solar panel for bicycles

The dimensions of the solar panel have been carefully studied to maximize the ratio between yield and footprint. The rigid structure, on the other hand, is able to ensure greater yield than foldable but less stable products.

The frame e the brackets that lock the battery are available in the following seven different colors:

while the hood battery cover is available in black, red, blue and green colors.

For more information or to book Aurore you can contact ViserBIKE Facilities by Annamaria Maioli:

Tel. 0541 - 1793969

Email: [email protected]

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