Microchips for dogs: cost and how it works

Microchips for dogs: cost and how it works

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Microchip for dog: it is mandatory by law, it is clear immediately, it is not a free choice, neither yours nor the dog itself. Let's face it, then, let's understand how it works and what comfort this inevitable entails microchip for dog without which neither the sale nor the transfer is allowed, even if it is a gift. If it's inevitable, let's put it right, let's use it well. And let's pay for it the right price.

A minimum of explanation of the law is due to you, however. Here she is. There is a law that requires us to enter the microchip for dog, for any dog, large or small, purebred or not. The microchip for dog replaces the tattoo and only dogs have a regional registry, established in 1991, therefore the microchip for dog,it has no analogue with similar obligations, for cats, for example. And I already imagine how they grin under their mustaches, them.

Let's start immediately with the advantages of microchip for dog. This "affarino" not harmful at all, is first of all very useful in case of loss, without necessarily having to rely on "Wanted" style signs. Warning: it is not a GPS! So I can't track him anywhere with satellite. It is not a geolocation system, much less a canine satellite navigator.

So what is the microchip for dog? It is a simple transponder, a biocompatible glass capsule, completely inert, with dimensions of 11 × 2 millimeters that does not cause rejection reactions in the dog and does not allow the internal penetration of organic liquids. It does not emit any waves, it has a "readable" chip inside only by authorized veterinarians, kennels and local health authorities equipped with the appropriate microchip reader for dog.

So here is that this contraption "tells" who the dog is, through a unique code 15 digits: the first three refer to the manufacturer, the next twelve uniquely identify the individual animal. Here's how this obligatory microchip for dogs, by "magic", allows us to trace the owner's name and residence.

Let's go back a step, for those who have "wave anxiety". In microchip for dog R.F.ID technology is used. (Radio Frequency Identification): the device is identified through radiofrequency waves. The microchip emits waves only if the appropriate reader comes very close to it. However, these are small waves.

If you are concerned about, or even, the insertion of the microchip for dog, it takes place with subcutaneous injection in the lateral area of ​​the neck, on the left. Special sterile disposable syringes are used: no pain! Maximum maximum a nuisance and, if you hear a yelp, it is scene, or indignation. However, you can make up for this "offense" with a nice gift, even sound, which will certainly distract your 4-legged companion.

Let's go back to the advantages of microchip for dog. Understanding how precious it is in case of loss of our dog, and this is already worth the "sacrifice" of inserting it, let's discover other uses. The microchip for dogs for example, it allows you to identify the animal by understanding if it has been vaccinated against rabies and the thought that any dog ​​can be traced back to the owner with a simple step, certainly discourages a lot of thieves, kidnappers and dog attackers. And even those who want to abandon their puppy: knowing that as soon as someone finds it, they will read the microchip for dog and he will know what a horrible act he committed… I guess he will change his mind soon. I hope so.

Notice the benefits, let's see if it's worth it. It is worth the cost. The price of these benefits may vary from region to region and from case to case, but it is in any case, low, and is forever. Like a diamond? It doesn't quite make the same scene, but you can always integrate the microchip for dog, invisible, with something that reminds it, like this medal in the shape of a bone in metal and even with rhinestones.

The microchip for dog is applicable in the clinic of any licensed veterinarian and the cost is that of a visit, so it varies from city to city or at least from region to region ... no standard costs microchip for dog.

By addressing the Veterinary Services of our ASL, we can have the dog microchip for free or, badly, at the basic cost of the device only, provided you proceed within the first two months of the dog's life. If we are late, we may be forced to contact the veterinarian, with his rate, or the ASL itself could give us a second chance. But no one can take a late payment. About 80 euros, usually.

Another saving opportunity can be found in some associations for the protection of animals who occasionally propose awareness campaigns by offering the system for free, especially to counteract the stray dogs. In fact, it is known that nameplates, even if funny, do little.

To be the human "owner" of the microchip for dog there are requirements to be met: you must be of age, with a clean record and resident in the Region of competence of the veterinarian or ASL with which you proceed. To be "microchip dog for dogYou must not have another microchip - penalty: identity crisis - unless it is illegible. You can't put the microchip for dog to an animal with a tattoo, also in this case, unless the latter is illegible

Since we have mentioned it, let's see why the tattoo has been "archived" and why, as affectionate owners of dogs as we are, we can only be happy. The "Old" tattoo, always with a personalized code, was made at the base of the legs, complete with sedation. This involved risks, a bit for all dogs, especially for the elderly or those with physical problems. We are not talking about the complications on dogs, even very healthy, but with long hair.

All these inconveniences, with the microchip for dog, there are: it does not cause damage, it is odorless and hypoallergenicand it is not discharged nor becomes illegible "due to wear" or old age. Another pro of the microchip it is the code, valid and unique throughout the territory, while in the tattoo, it was on a regional basis: let's imagine what a confusion with all databases not aligned.

Homogeneity between Regions has not yet been achieved, however, not even with the microchip for dog, despite the fact that it has long been imposed by national law, with an order of 6 August 2008 from the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Policies. In force "as it should", it is only in some regions such as Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Tuscany, Lazio, Veneto and forces some others have recently been added, but in the others they are either gradually taking over or we are still stuck at the tattoo.

In any region, virtuous or not, you live, however, remember that the microchip for dog it is often a necessary condition to travel with our big dog outside the border. So, if you want to take it with you to Europe or elsewhere, better a nice microchip for dog, and, if it is small, a nice bag. Then, get ready to 1000 adventures and without fear of getting lost.

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