How to use Argan oil

Many know the effectiveness of Argan oil on both skin and hair, but there are still those who are not aware of the specific characteristics and what it is used for. In this regard we will illustrate you how to use Argan oil giving you all the information on the most effective uses of this precious oil.

This oil is extracted from the fruits of the Argan tree, native to the southwestern area of ​​Morocco, where it is particularly prolific in nature.

How to use Argan oil, use
Argan oil is considered an excellent natural cosmetic against aging; thanks to its high content of vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids, it is effective in fighting free radicals, the primary cause of cellular aging. Its distant origin is one of the reasons why, compared to other oils on the market, Argan oil is slightly more expensive; this is why it is called the gold of the desert: more than 100kg of fruits are needed for a single liter of Argan oil, which correspond on average to 5-6 trees.
The color of the oil and its use vary from the roasting of the kernels. In cosmetic use, the oil has a lighter color, while for food use and for seasoning foods, the oil is darker, with a stronger flavor.

Thanks to its deeply moisturizing action, this oil is above all an excellent ointment for the skin of the whole body, including children.
For women and men it is therefore used to moisturize the skin after a bath, with an anti-aging effect thanks to the direct stimulation of the skin's natural collagen and elastin. In particular for women, it is very useful to heal and disappear all types of stretch marks, from those of the breast, post-breastfeeding or slimming, to those of the buttocks, thighs, waist or arms.

How to use Argan oil, applications
With constant application over time twice a day through an intense massage of the areas to be treated, it is possible to stimulate scarring and facilitate skin renewal, closing those gaps created by stretch marks.

By applying a few drops on the face and neck regularly, we obtain an intense stimulation of cell turnover, helping us to regenerate the skin, eliminate dead cells and allow the growth of new ones to have a young and elastic skin. This is why it is a valid anti-wrinkle; it plumps mature skin and helps fight aging. Especially in the evening it can be used after cleansing the face, alone, massaging the forehead, cheeks and neck upwards in a circular manner.

Where to buy argan oil

Where to find it? In the most well-stocked herbalists and shops specializing in the sale of natural products. Those who prefer online shopping can obtain significant savings by focusing on the periodic offers of Amazon. Among the products with the best value for money we point out three:

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