How to stop snoring

How to stop snoring

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How to stop snoring: advice, therapies enatural remediesforsnore lessor stop snoring completely. From surgery to do-it-yourself remedies.

Therechronic snoring,better known aspathological snoring, sees a symptomatic picture characterized by discontinuous snoring, sometimes with a loud noise accompanied by disturbed breathing or disturbed sleep.

Chronic snoring: snoring

The snoringcontinuous or intermittent that characterizes this disorder (snoring) can be very annoying both for those who suffer from it and for those who sleep next to it. Thenoisy snoringit is almost always dictated by a difficulty in breathing that occurs during the night's rest.

Snoring it is a problem that affects 40 percent of the population and only a portion of these also suffer from sleep apnea (which exacerbates the problem), the ultimate solution forstop snoringinvolves surgery but less invasive alternatives can be quite valid and there is no shortage of natural remedies.

Anyone who snores would do well to consult a doctor. The reason? Snoring could be the first symptom ofobstructive sleep apnea(or sleep apnea). Who to contact? Apart from the family doctor, a specialist visit to an otolaryngologist or a specialist experienced in sleep medicine is recommended.

Treating snoring is useful not only for those who suffer from it but also for those who sleep next to it. Snoring is a factor of "sleep deprivation". Those who live in close contact with a person who snores can experience various symptoms such as:

  • irritability
  • daytime sleepiness
  • insomnia
  • lack of concentration
  • decreased libido
  • stress…

Who suffers fromchronic snoringhe should check his physical health. In case of overweight or obesity, it is better to follow a low-calorie diet to reach the ideal weight. This is not just general advice but a warning: multidisciplinary studies have noted a positive correlation between snoring and risk of heart attack and stroke. New studies have associated thesnoringto carotid atherosclerosis.

Why do we snore?

The typical noise emitted by snorers is caused by the vibrations generated on the mucous membranes of the narrower airways: when the air passes through the nose and is in transit to reach the lungs, it causes the mucous membranes to vibrate, which produce that annoying noise.

This also explains why people who are severely overweight or obese cansnoringmore or make louder sounds. This is induced by excessive relaxation of the uvula and soft palate. By relaxing, these tissues partially obstruct the airways with consequent irregular air flow.

Similarly to what happens in the case ofsore throat, swelling (tonsillitis, pharyngitis ...) and inflammation of the airways.

Snoring: causes

Forstop snoringit is possible to intervene on the causes. In the previous paragraph, where we explainwhy we snore, we have highlighted the underlying mechanism correlating it to overweight. This is not the only correlation. Forstop snoringit is possible to intervene on one or more of these factors if they are present:

  • Weakness and inflammation of the throat that cause a partial closure of the airways during sleep.
  • Poorly positioned jaw, often caused by excessive muscle tension.
  • Obesity and overweight with a site of accumulation of adiposity around the throat.
  • Deviated nasal septum, nasal congestion from allergies or other obstructions of the nasal passages.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Alcohol abuse.
  • Use of relaxing or anxiolytic drugs.
  • Smoking cigarettes.

Finally, the supine position, ie sleeping on the stomach, can trigger "snoring" because the tongue, due to the force of gravity, extends towards the throat, increasing the effect of the vibrations of the air as it passes through the airways .

How to stop snoring: natural remedies

When we are not faced with severe snoring, snoring can be caused by poor eating habits, poor posture or allergies that cause nasal congestion. Locate the cause is the first step to be able tostop snoring.

Between natural remedies for less snoring or even stop snoring we would like to point out some essential oils which, thanks to their decongestant properties, are able to exert a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes and facilitate nasal ventilation even at night.

A natural remedy To snore less is to prepare a blend of eucalyptus, pine, juniper essential oil and peppermint essential oil. Prepare 25 ml of this mixture and pour it on a damp handkerchief to be placed on the radiator in the bedroom. You can put a few drops of these essential oils directly in the aroma diffusers or on the pillow case.

It is important to understand the cause of nasal congestion and take action upstream. For example, if you have a dust allergy, it is important to keep your bedroom clean at all times.

Moisture and mold can also cause nasal congestion.

Again in the area of ​​congestion, among the natural remedies there are baths with water and sea salt, made with a special nasal pump. A decongestant effect can be obtained by practicing fumigations with water and bicarbonate.

Among othersnatural remedies to stop snoringwe point out:

  • Stop smoking.
  • Lose weight.
  • Avoid the use of alcoholic beverages.
  • Avoid sedative medications.
  • Sleeping on the side.
  • Useorthopedic pillows

The use of orthopedic pillows is excellent for bothstop snoringand to relieve muscle tension that cause morning headaches (so as to prevent and counteract problems in the cervical area).

The orthopedic pillows support the neck adequately, so as to ensure the correct position not only of the airways but also of the jaw and the cervical area. Orthopedic pillows in themselves provide a slight reduction insnoring.

How to stop snoring, mechanical solutions

It is not uncommon to find mechanical devices to be inserted into the mouth or nose, these tools mechanically facilitate the passage of oxygen avoiding the vibrations that generate noise. Among these mechanical devices, very valid are the so-calledanti snoring bite.

A good snore splint should be custom made by a dentist. The anti-snoring bite is a plate (usually made of resin) to be placed between the two dental arches to modify the spatial relationships in the mating between the same arches. The bite does not cause any permanent changes, it just makes sure to allow the passage of air without producing noise.

As stated, the best bites are those made to measure, however these are very expensive. Online it is possible to find self-modeling anatomical devices able to adapt (at least in part) to your own teeth. Those with particular arch conformations should avoid this purchase, while those with fairly standard teeth can personally test the benefits of self-modeling anti-snoring bites. Among the best proposals we point out the anti-snoring Twin Bite at a price of about 90 euros.

These bites are designed not only to avoid airway obstructions but also to allow mandibular advancement and push the tongue forward. They are very useful appliances for suffererssleep apnea.

How to stop snoring with surgery

After seeing how to stop snoring without surgery, it is only right to speak ofsurgery.

There are several procedures: some tend to widen the airways by removing some tissue in the back of the throat. Such interventions are quite invasive. When a portion of tissue is removed, scar tissue forms which could make the airways just as narrow. For this reason, forstop snoring, surgeries are often discussed. The formation of scar tissue is individual and almost unpredictable. Before undergoing surgery forstop snoringit is advisable to work on all the possible causes listed above and consult a sleep medicine specialist.

Other surgeries aim to make the soft palate more rigid with the introduction of mineral-based strips. In this context we speak of an outpatient surgery. Such treatment forstop snoringit was approved by the FDA in 2004 and in Italy there are few centers that offer it.

An alternative to "removal surgery" is shown in the following video. We offer you an extract from the “Elisir” program where we talk about an innovative surgery that helps reduce or eliminate the problem.

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