How to grow amaranth

How to grow amaranth: instructions on how amaranth is grown, beautiful to look at, good to eat and full of beneficial properties.

L'amaranthit is a plant used both for ornamental and food purposes, appreciated for its nutritional properties and good flavor. L'amaranthit's easy tocultivatein the garden or at home, with the cultivation ofamaranth in pot.

It all started last year, when they gave me some very small rounded seeds. They were amaranth seeds. It is precisely from sowing that the cultivation of amaranth.

L'amaranthit is a plant native to Central and South America, although it is resistant, it grows better at mild temperatures therefore, those who live in Northern Italy or in the Center, would do better to prefer the cultivation of amaranth at home or in protected environments.

How to grow amaranth

  1. When to sow
    Amaranth can be sown in spring, about 6 - 8 weeks after the last frost.
  2. The soil
    For cultivate amaranth choose a soil rich in nitrogen and phosphorus which will allow the plant to develop better in height.
  3. Exposure
    Amaranth grown in full sun. Amaranth loves sunny exposures, so for home cultivation the ideal would be a veranda with large windows facing south.
  4. The irrigations
    Amaranth hates water stagnation and doesn't like frequent irrigation either. Even in very hot temperatures, just wet the soil once or twice a week.

To start the cultivation of amaranth starting from the seed we refer you to our general guide on how to sowsince the amaranth seeds are very small and the sowing depth is proportional to the diameter of the seed, to obtain a large harvest it is possible to continue with broadcast sowing.

With thecultivation of amaranth, the first flowers will occur with the arrival of summer, while the complete ripening of the fruit occurs in autumn. To understand when the amaranth fruits are ripe, just shake the flowers slightly, if they fall easily, the beans are ready for harvesting.

Dry the amaranth seeds

In order to cook amaranth it will be necessary to dry it. Dell 'amaranthseeds are used a lot in the kitchen. To dry the seeds, place them in a canvas or paper bag and dry them in a shady area. When the seeds are completely dried and deprived of flower residues, they can be stored in an airtight and vacuum-sealed glass container.

Where to buy amaranth seeds?

Just contact your local nursery or buy them by mail order. Amazon offers a sachet of Foxtail Amaranth Seeds at the price of 5 euros. For all the info on where to buy amaranth seeds for cultivation, I refer you to this Amazon page.

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