Photovoltaic battery charger, prices and models

Photovoltaic battery charger, prices and models

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Aphotovoltaic battery chargerit can make a difference on a mountain trip, when we are far from any conventional electricity source. On this page we point out some of the bestphotovoltaic battery chargerscurrently commercially available.

Thephotovoltaic battery chargerit can be very useful during days of trekking, mountain tours, when cycling, on the beach or camping…. we are talking about situations in which we cannot access the city electricity grid and aphotovoltaic battery chargerit can make the difference between an exhausted and unusable device and an active electrical appliance.


THEphotovoltaic battery chargersthey can be used to recharge any type of portable device: LPG, smartphone, cameras, consoles…. the only thing you need is to have the right capacity and the ad hoc adapter.

As for theadapters, do not worry, most of the time you can directly use the USB charging cable supplied with your smartphone or you can count on the set of cables included in the purchase price of variousbattery charger photovoltaic(as shown in the photo).

As for the power required, we refer you to the article dedicated toSolar panels for campers, in particular the paragraph dedicated to the "guide to the choice". This way you will be able to size the photovoltaic battery chargeraccording to your actual charging needs!

  • XTPower® MP-S12000

It's aphotovoltaic battery chargerwith variable capacity ranging from 6,000 mAh up to 23,000 mAh. Prices vary according to the output capacity, from 35 euros up to 109 euros, the intermediate model, from 12,000 mAh, costs 84.90. The more expensive model is capable of charging smartphones, tablets and even notebooks.


  • FamilyMall

It is a rather modest solar powered portable charger. Its capacity is 8,000 mAh and can be used to charge a smartphone such as the iPhone for one and a half times. The price is 18 euros.

  • Goalzero, Set Guide 10 Plus

GoalZero is an excellent guarantee when it comes toportable solar chargers. In this kit (which can be bought for 107.99 euros), there is an accumulator given by four simple batteries.

If you need more power, the 13 watt Goalzero Nomad is available, device visible in the photo above.

NB. to optimize the use ofphotovoltaic battery chargeruse it to recharge your devices when they have a residual autonomy of at least 20%. Take advantage of thephotovoltaic battery chargerto bring the autonomy of your battery up to 80% but no more. Above this percentage, devices require more energy effort to finish charging.

Anker® 2 - PowerIQ
The favorite of Amazon users, rated 5 out of 5 stars, the highest rating. 14W of power, perfect for low cost charging, portable devices such as GPS, iPhone, iPad, Android cell phones and Android tablets. The price is 59.99 euros. To make it more efficient, it can be associated with a 16,000 mAh external battery so that it can charge smartphones and tablets even when there is no sun.


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