Poodle: character and temperament

Poodle: character and temperament

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Poodle, or simply Poodle. Let's call it what we want but without denying its excellent flair and its predilection for water. A Poodle of character or not, it is a dog that looks aristocratic but is not. It sounds naïve but it isn't. It seems undiscovered but it is. So let's begin to tell his story character and its temperament.

Known for its beautiful curly coat, a pleasure to comb, the Poodle it is perfect for duck hunting. From here, and from his character, its original name, "caniche", from "canard", because that of Poodle, could be expected from his temperament, is a typical French dog breed.

Poodle: temperament

The FCI classification says that the Poodle character is that of a companion dog, placing it in the 9th group, second section. Precisely for this reason, it was much appreciated by the noblewomen of the seventeenth century, a time when these quadruped curls were welcome guests in the patrician houses where they found themselves - unbeknownst to them - labeled as "aristocratic dogs". Aristo… what?

He is really snobbish, the Poodle character? Or is it just a stereotype? Fact is, temperament presumed or real snob, this belief is very common, so much so that its spread is affected. There still remains a myth to dispel, that of Poodle snobbish, because this quadruped is bright and cheerful, much more suitable for a family or a young couple than for a petulant noblewoman. And yet ... but we will try to explain it.

The Poodle is very intelligent, is of character a dog full of initiative and endowed with a pinch of cunning: this means that he will never obey a command that seems absurd or meaningless to him. So don't expect the Poodle temperament be obliging and surrendered to your will.

This does not mean that, if you do not exaggerate in the requests, the breed is easy to train. If "one is humanly reasonable", the Poodle character it does not create problems and the dog, at any age, learns very quickly. His propensity for learning is evident, in fact, so much so that it is not uncommon to run into a Poodle which leads to the owner of small objects. On command. And, why not, you can try to hire a Poodle to go and get the newspaper, every morning, to come back with the news fresh from the press, after having perhaps wiped his paws on a coconut fiber doormat that bears the face of a colleague.

The poodles characterit is not easy to understand, but it is sensitive as never before, so much so that, before being replaced by the German Shepherds, it was used as a guide dog for the blind. Unfortunately, for physical characteristics more than for temperament, has been supplanted by those who have shown greater propensity for defense, Il Poodle it is not really an aggressive dog nor pretentious. It does not matter what environment he is in, in fact: whether it is a large house or a small apartment, he is interested in feeling integrated in a family and receiving well-deserved affection.

Many dogs of this breed love to be spoken to and pay close attention to our expressions, our tone of voice and the way we gesticulate, as if they were able to truly understand us. able to grasp the moods, good or bad they are. A Poodle the mood varies by osmosis, going from sad and melancholy to cheerful and playful, depending on. So be careful: it's like having a canine mirror in front of you, or almost ...

Poodle with children

Accomplice, playful and not at all aggressive, this dog, thanks to its innate character, is a great companion for children. Instead, listen single, it is not suitable for being alone for a long time! Closed in the house for hours, or even relegated to a garden, the Poodle it becomes sad and depressed until it completely loses its vitality. On the other hand, when she is with the little male puppies - so he means them - she spends her time without saying a word. Indeed, out of breath, but regardless of the energy spent in cheerful raids in nature. Then everything to wash, in ad hoc baskets, fun and capacious.

Poodle: characteristics

The size can vary from 28 cm at the withers of the "toy" up to 45-60 cm Poodle of great size. His pace will change but not his passion for the outdoors and walking, always in company, even running. I confirm that he is not a snob but he cares about the line and loves to exercise. On the health side, it is also better for owners: a healthy and agile dog, it is nice to have at home. Better a run to the park than to the vet, right? And then when this dog is in shape, he is also in shape psychologically, he is cheerful, lively, jolly. It puts everyone in a good mood. In any case, for the "walk with the dog", it is better to wear a suitable shirt. And that it does him honor!

Long hanging ears and short curly tail, the Poodle it is also easily distinguished by its thick, soft and curly fur, often fluffy. The coat of this dog's character it does not require special care has no moulting periods, therefore we will not run the risk of finding hairs scattered around the house! Of course, unless for beauty contestsPoodle, where you travel to creative hairstyles and perms. Even without the excuse of aesthetics, however, I recommend carving out, dear owners of Poodle, your own moment entirely dedicated to your four-legged friend who requires affection and care.

If generally the females are more docile than the males, for thePoodle the sex of the specimen only superficially affects the character. Male or female, it didn't matter, even at the time: the Poodle he was also a war dog and a truffle hunter, having an excellent nose. So it seems, but he can't confirm it: despite the temperament awake they do not have the gift of speech, but remains a very skilled swimmer. So, hunting dogs, but also beach holiday dogs, why not?

And a dog with which to take the right, existential route, without fear of being betrayed. Betrayed? From who? From a Poodle? With a character like this, never. Not even for a barrel of "no limits" delicacies!

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