Sepiolite to degrease and remove stains

Sepiolite to degrease and remove stains

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There sepiolite it is a particular type of clay with a strong absorbing power which makes it an excellent ecological stain remover at home and in the garage. In fact the land of Sommières, which is the other name of the sepiolite, it is really effective against oil stains left by the car in the garage. At home, on the other hand, it resolves stains of butter, oil and greasy substances on many types of surfaces, such as stone, marble, tiles and parquet, but also on clothes, fabrics, carpets and leathers.

There sepiolite absorbent can be purchased in stores specializing in organic products, or on the internet in large shops or on sites that offer ecological cleaning products. It is ecological and does not cost much. For a good supply (20kg) you can try this: Absorbent sepiolite in sack

There sepiolite it was discovered at the beginning of the nineteenth century in the French village of Sommiéres, near Montpellier. Hence the name of Land of Sommières, although in Morocco the sepiolite is called Fez soap.

The strength of the sepiolite is, as we said, its absorbing power against grease stains. Originally it was widely used to degrease wool and still today is the most effective natural remedy for neutralizing yellow urine stains on mattresses and sheets, or those left by pets on tiles and carpets.

How to use sepiolite against stains

For a good absorbent and stain removing action, a good amount of sepiolite dry on the stain, leave it to act for about an hour and then brush or vacuum away the residues. If necessary, especially in the case of stains that are no longer fresh, the operation must be repeated a second time.

There sepiolite it is also used for industrial cleaning against stains from oil, petrol, lubricants and to dry water spills. The absorbent action depends on the internal 'zeolite channels' that make the sepiolite porous and particularly suitable for absorbing liquids.

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