Cocker: character and how to breed it

Cocker: character and how to breed it

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Cocker, but which? Of english cocker spaniel, we mean here, of this breed that developed in England to hunt Woodcock and which falls within the classification of hunting dogs. Indeed, the cocker it is precisely a "hunting" dog. The race of the english cocker spaniel it was selected in 1879, but already in the eighteenth century the English used these 4 legs in their hunting trips and descriptions of dogs english cocker spaniel already appear in books from the end of the fourteenth century. And he re-emerges with his beautiful character in “Flush. Biography of a Dog ”by Virginia Woolf: yes, he too was aenglish cocker spaniel.

Medium-small in size, with compact trunk and developed thorax, and with the inevitable ears which hang down to the withers, the cocker it sports a thick and silky coat, smooth or slightly wavy and in various colors. There are the cocker "Unicolor" and "multicolor".

Black cocker

Among the first we remember the black and the fawn but there are liver, black and tan and liver and tan: remaining single color they can be embellished with white spots, but allowed only if on the chest. Otherwise the cocker becomes multi-colored: black-white, roan blue, white-orange, orange, liver roan, liver white, tricolor, roan blue tricolor, liver roan tricolor, liver white tricolor. There are also some in statuette. Something is missing?english cocker spaniel.

Cocker: eyes and character

Less variety in the eye, del cocker, but he never clears them, His characterHowever, it gives him a sweet and intelligent expression, lively and cheerful. It also cheers the tail, if not cropped, which also gives balance and harmony to this dog figure. I figure that it weighs its beautiful 12 kg, approximately, but remember that the English Spanish cocker it should not exceed 14.5 kg, remaining in a height range of 39–41 cm for males, a few cm less for female cockers.

Pink bow or blue bow, when a cocker, you can not ignore it: it catalyzes attention. Because it is beautiful and sweet, yes, but also because it badly needs to move. For the cocker, and consequently for its owners, for good returns, a daily hour of intense physical activity, sudden and jerky running is recommended ... it will perhaps end up doing jogging with your dog or even agility.

Cocker: books and gadgets

It is therefore impossible not to show off a T Shirt that declares our love for cocker running mate.

In addition to the athletic performance of his adoptive family, a cocker it also affects domestic social life. He doesn't want to be alone and loves being surrounded by a good climate. A cocker is perfect when there are children in the house, it has a gentle character that is also suitable for young owners: the cocker is 90% cheerful, playful and patient. It is not for nothing that the cocker is often involved in pet therapy sessions.

Loners and sedentaries are bad hosts for i cocker who, meek yes, but they have their own character and, finding them unbearable, become unbearable: nervous and stubborn. Viewed from another point of view, if so, the cocker with his character, it's not dog for you, rather, if you want to keep the name cocker, bet on the American one. It is a breed of cocker in its own right, officially recognized, quieter than character and less stressed. And stressful, I dare say. If you don't want to take any risks, it's better not to have one on your side but on your arm, on a very nice bag. Nice as a cocker but with less "flapping".

How to breed a cocker

Founded that you want a cocker, and its character, convinced and ready to be sociable and athletic with him, here are some tips to treat him e raise it to the fullest. For him and for us. It is an easily spoiled dog, good at making sweet eyes and being tender, so you shouldn't be bribed. For the cocker you need constant training and without "breaking the rules", even at the table, because it tends to get fat, and then it's a problem.

If in character it is a great good that the cocker tends to feel part of the family, this means that ai children around it is better to teach him not to pull his ears or tail, not to put his face in front of the dog or not to scream. To be forbidden, then, to remove the bone from its clutches or to approach it while it eats: it will also have a good character, the cocker, but it is a dog!

Always and precisely because the cocker is a dog, it is not to be excluded that it raids shoes, slippers and objects that happen within range. Especially as a puppy, from 3 to 5 months, the cocker shows off a restless and curious character, it goes to the discovery of the world with positive enthusiasm that our slippers could bear the mark. Unless you fall in love with them, as will certainly happen with these very tender ones. And also hot…. How about?

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