How to grow citrus fruits in pots

Even if you don't have a small patch of land you can still organize a small citrus grove using the space you have on the terrace or balcony.

Lemons, oranges and tangerines can be grown without difficulty in pots: just be careful to follow some good rules. In this regard we will illustrate you how to grow citrus fruits in pots following our directions.
How to grow citrus fruits in pots, important rules

  • They must be repaired or put indoors in the winter months
  • They should be positioned in areas sheltered from strong winds, but not from light breezes;
  • Make sure they have at least 4 or 5 hours of sunshine a day
  • They must be fertilized with specific fertilizers
  • They should be pruned and repotted regularly.

How to grow citrus fruits in pots, sowing or transplanting
Since it is difficult to obtain a plant that bears fruit correctly from the seed, it is better to buy a specimen already grafted to then transplant into a pot of the right size for the plant; it must be slightly larger than the container it is already in: do not overdo it otherwise the plant will only develop the roots and will not bear fruit.
Good ready-made citrus soil is available for sale, but if you want to prepare it yourself, mix soil, mature manure, sand and, placed at the bottom of the pot, expanded clay or gravel to ensure good drainage.

How to grow citrus fruits in pots, repotting
Repotting should be done with a certain periodicity: every two years for small plants, every three for large ones, and four for adult plants.
The final pot can reach 80 cm in diameter and once you have reached this goal it would be advisable to occasionally replace a part of the soil which consists in removing the plant from the pot, cutting the oldest roots, eliminating a slice of the external soil and repot. All these operations are carried out between late spring and summer

How to grow citrus fruits in pots, fertilizations
Citrus fruits need nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium especially during the spring period, but they also like iron and magnesium even if in smaller quantities. If you have mature manure, bury it slightly at the base of the plant in spring; if you are unfamiliar with fertilizing, you should know that specific fertilizers for citrus fruits are available on the market.

How to grow citrus fruits in pots, watering
The lumps should be watered regularly and frequently in the summer, taking care to never leave the soil dry. In the winter period they must be thinned out, but beware citrus fruits do not withstand prolonged drought.
Very important: avoid water stagnation therefore avoid the saucer, indeed it is advisable to provide feet to lift the pot from the ground.

How to grow citrus fruits in pots, winter shelter
In places where the thermometer drops below zero it is necessary to resort to appropriate protection, perhaps by withdrawing the plants in unheated, but bright rooms. And if the frosts are not excessive, you can cover the foliage with non-woven fabric, the pot with insulating material and spread mulch on the ground.

How to grow citrus fruits in pots, pruning
Citrus fruits should be pruned once a year after winter: it will be enough to rebalance the foliage, remove the suckers, cut the battered branches and allow the air and the sun to penetrate everywhere.

Finally, choose varieties with a smaller root development as they are more suitable for cultivation in small containers: lemon (Citrus limon), mandarin (Citrus reticulata) or calamondino (Citrus mitis).

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