How to drive away caterpillars

How to drive away caterpillars: caterpillars devour ornamental plants and vegetables, they are interesting creatures but they can be very annoying.

To understandhow to drive away caterpillarsit is important to know what species of caterpillar we are dealing with. Some caterpillars behave like real parasites and can destroy the entire crop, while other caterpillars, on the other hand, do less damage and can give life to beautiful butterflies.

How to eliminate caterpillars, organic products

Let's start with theChrysodeixis chalcites (the larva is shown in the photo above)
The Chrysodeixis chalcites larva is 35 - 40 mm long, is entirely green and infests both ornamental plants such as chrysanthemum and genranium, as well as vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines, beans and cabbage. It infests gardens especially in late summer or autumn. To defend the garden from thiscaterpillaryou have to act when the young larvae or the first damage appear. If you want to eliminate Chrysodeixis chalcites caterpillars, you can use non-toxic preparations for bees and other useful insects in the garden. For this purpose, the treatment based on Bacillus thuringienisis var kurstaki and aiwzawai (organic product) or products based on spinosad is indicated, strictly following the indications on the label. In the photo below, the adult specimen of Chrysodeixis chalcites is shown.

Who does not know the species of caterpillar that spoils his crop and wantseliminate caterpillarsfrom the vegetable garden and flower beds, it can point to products allowed in organic farming that are broader spectrum.

Success Bayer Natria BIO
This product is an insecticide allowed in organic farming. It is specific for thecaterpillars(moth larvae) and is also able to protect the garden from Colorado beetles, leaf miners, thrips, metcalfa and other small parasites. With one package it is possible to treat more than 90 crops. It is suitable both for the vegetable garden and for ornamental plants. This product frombayer gardenit also works with the larva seen above. A useful package for the treatment of 90 crops costs approximately 9 euros.

How to get rid of caterpillars naturally

Insectivorous birds can be an excellent ally of the vegetable garden: they selectively feed on insects (larvae, ants, caterpillars ...), leaving your crop and your splendid ornamental plants unchanged. In the article dedicated toRecognition of birdswe have reported the eating habits of some birds so that you can understand how to attract birds to your garden. To attract birds, you would do well to install a water tank that encourages the birds to get closer.

Even an outdoor chicken farm could be the ideal solution to eliminate caterpillars and larvae from your garden.

How to drive away caterpillars

For those who do not want to eliminate caterpillars, even with natural methods, they can place traps with baits and mechanically remove them from the garden.

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