Oak, the oak with excellent wood

Oak, the oak with excellent wood

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Theoakis a majestic tree, typical ofPo Valleybut present throughout the boot except for Sardinia.

Theoakit is a very long-lived oak so that it can reach and exceed 300 years of life. Oak wood is excellent for the production of furniture and floors, it also finds multiple uses in carpentry and beams.

Oak, Quercus petraea

Thereoakit is a slow-growing oak, has an expanded canopy that easily reaches 30 meters in height. It has a brownish-gray bark; the foliage has thin leaves, 8-10 cm wide and up to 12 cm long.

Theoakit blooms between April and May, the male flowers appear at the apex of the twigs of the previous year while the female flowers develop at the apex of spring growth and / or at the axil of the leaves.

Theoak it prefers bright locations, it grows well even on slightly steep slopes and up to 600-800 meters of altitude. The root system of theoakit is robust so it has no problems getting deeper into the cracks in the ground and rock. They are rare pure oak woods, in fact they usually develop in conjunction with other green broad-leaved trees such as beech, ash, hornbeam, linden, chestnut or sycamore maple.

The acorns of the oak

Theoakproduces godsfruits commonly calledacorns; in the past the acorns of oak they were widely used for feeding livestock, especially pigs. Today, oak acorns are particularly popular with wild boars that live in the wild. The acorns of theoak they have a length of about 2 - 3 cm.

In the past, theacornsof other tree species were used for human nutrition, in particular for the preparation of sweet or savory baked goods. This is the case of the flour from the acorns of the holm oak, appreciated because they are particularly sweet.

Oak wood

TheOak woodfinds a large number of applications: very famous is theoak parquetclear. Oak wood is also used to make furniture, carpentry and beams.

Once upon a time, theoakit was cultivated for textile purposes: the bark is rich in tannin-based substances that were used in the leather tanning industry to fix colors on vegetable fibers. Furthermore, these same substances were used to make inks, lacquers and even products in the paper industry.

Today, theOak woodis highly sought after in order to manufacture the so-called "aging barrels "and aging of wines, the so-calledbarrique. The reasons for the refinement of this essence lie in the particular aroma.

Thereoak woodit is also valuable as firewood with a value of 15 - 18 euros per quintal. The oak has excellent calorific characteristics however, the value increases when we move to the furniture and flooring sector where the raw (unworked) oak reaches prices of 35 - 40 euros per quintal.

Theoak parquet it is considered of high value, it is very clear and with time and light exposure, it tends to become straw yellow; to overcome the yellowing factor (which for experts is an added value but for those who intend to furnish the house with even lighter shades is a penalizing factor) the so-calledwhitened oak.

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