Savannah cat: price and characteristics

Savannah cat: price and characteristics

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Savannah cat: already the sound recalls its origin. Wild. Yes, because the Savannah catis a hybrid between a serval and a domestic cat. Of the serval, also called serval, or leopard, a medium-sized feline that lives in most of Africa, in the Saharan desert areas, the Savannah cat it retains many of the physical characteristics, such as size, ears, and "air". An animal very similar to this is the Serval cat

The other characteristics are those of any kitten, price aside, in fact the Savannah cat, knows how to be company, sociable and playful, even if he weighs about 15 kilos: at your own risk, if he plays with a lot of passion. For example, chasing a lively colorful mouse.

The first lucky cross - not all succeed, considering the different sizes of the two members of the copy - was obtained on April 7, 1986, by Judee Frank: finally a Savannah cat.By crossing a male of serval with a Siamese cat he obtained a female, the first female, of Savannah cat. Several years passed before the official recognition of the breed, which took place in 2001. A conquest, from the label, also on a car air freshener, but personalized.

This very fresh appointment is one of the hidden reasons behind the price of the Savannah cat, a breed that easily hovers around 20 thousand euros. Another reason is that the Savannah catmale is sterile until the fifth generation. Difficult mating, and therefore, the price rises and makes it fully part of the top ten of the most expensive breeds in the world. You can try to moderate spending by playing with the F, the letter with which the various generations are classified, always accompanied by the number that identifies how much of the feline is served in the Savannah cat. The price remains that of a jewel, deserving of a themed jewel box.

It starts with F1, the first generation of Savannah cat, with a parent serve him, then 50% serve him, and then gradually with the second generation, as a grandfather serve him, F2, 25% serve him, or with great-grandfather then serve him F3, third generation, 12.5% ​​serve him. So continuing to Savannah cat inSavannah cat less and less serve him, 6.25% pass him to serve him of the fourth generation, F4, up to F5: fifth generation, only 3.12% serve him.

In addition to the price, the size also depends a lot on the type and size of the parents, and the percentage of wild blood that is left from the one you serve. The largest specimens ofSavannah catit is the F1 that, like the males of the F2 generation, grow more than twice as large as the common domestic cats, and weigh up to 15 kg. Even the F3 males are much larger than a domestic cat, you can see at a glance that they have some wild blood, while the females of Savannah cat F3 are limited to 7 kg. Not always distinguishable from their non-Savannah colleagues.

Aesthetically speaking, the Savannah cat with its slender and slender build and the size of its ears, it has all the typical characteristics of the leopard, including the ability and agility in making long jumps. For the rest, have a Savannah cat it means having a "huge puppy" often slyly accommodated in the living room, who can't wait to be pampered.

The behavioral characteristics of a Savannah cat they mirror those of his fellow servants: he is playful, curious and affectionate, loves the company of his master and is well disposed towards guests. Moreover, he is very intelligent and learns quickly. If he were a child, you shouldn't spend on repetitions, with him, and with what it already costs to buy it, it also seems right. If well trained, it is also a natural propensity, the Savannah cat he plays by bringing back objects and games, like a puppy, and in the same way follows the person he is most fond of, betraying his purely wild origins: totally forgotten.

Cure a Savannah cat it does not require particular attention compared to what is generally done for a domestic cat, as long as it is already well kept, healthy and with a shiny and brushed coat. A Savannah cat, in fact, he likes a brushing from time to time, and maybe a scrubbing with a soft cloth soaked in warm water and vinegar. However, it is recommended not to stuff the cat with table scraps, but to dedicate cat food to it, and also of high quality, also guaranteeing good veterinary care and a comfortable place to crouch. Given the size of theSavannah cat, perhaps it should be taken into account that it must be a little more than a place.

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