Smokiness, remedies and advice

Smokiness, remedies and advice

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Fumaggine, natural and non-natural remediesto treat affected plants. Advice on how to eliminate smokiness from apples, citrus fruits, olive trees, ornamental or garden plants. From prevention to do-it-yourself treatments.

Smokiness, what it is and symptoms

Let's start with the symptoms. Therefumaggineit manifests itself as a blackish felt, increasingly dense, which can expand on leaves, buds or fruit.

What is that? Therefumaggineit is a plant pathology caused by the development of saprophytic fungi on glucose substrates present on the affected plants. Those responsible for thefumagginethey are fungi of various kinds that can attackcitrus fruits, ornamental plants or other fruit trees such as apples.

Prevent smoking

To completely eliminate the causes that predispose trees to the establishment offumaggineit will be necessary to carry out a preventive defense from phytomitic insects that infest the plants; in this regard we advise you to follow treatments to eliminate aphids, aleirodidae, scale insects, fulgoroids and other insects of the suborderHomoptera(these insects produce the so-called "honeydew", a sugar substrate perfect for the proliferation of fungal microorganisms responsible forfumaggine).

For this purpose, we recommend that you follow the instructions indicated in the article: Natural remedies against aphids and cochineal

Smokiness of the apple tree

Apples are subject to smokiness caused by fungal microorganisms of the Alternaria alternata group. The disease occurs mainly on the Golden apple variety but other varieties such as Golden Lasa, Gold Ruch, BRina and Summerfree are also susceptible.

Smokiness on apples

Therefumaggineit attacks above all the fruits placed in the lower part of the foliage. Apples affected by smokiness appear with a more or less extensive dark speck and sticky to the touch. Theapplesattacked by the smokiness they can still be consumed even if in fact, the smokiness alters the organoleptic properties of the fruit making it slightly more sour and less fragrant (the apple decreases its sugar content and the aromas of the pulp).

Therefumaggineapple can be hindered by intervening in a preventive manner or at the appearance of the first symptoms (just before harvesting). The treatment indicated to prevent and eliminate smokiness consists in the application of Bordeaux mixture or other copper salts such as copper oxychloride, copper sulphate .... The applications must be repeated several times, after 10 days, until the symptoms remit.

Smokiness on citrus fruits

Copper salts are a pretty good remedy for eliminating smokiness from citrus fruits and other plants. To completely eliminate the risk of fumaggine, it is recommended to continue with adequate thinning pruning aimed at facilitating the aeration of the branches so as to counteract the development of fungal diseases.

Smoke on the hedge

Therefumagginedoes not spare any plants, not even those of your hedge. For an immediate intervention, please visit the page dedicated todiseases of the hedge.

Smokiness on ornamental plants

THEdo it yourself remediesare very useful in the treatment of ornamental plants grown at home. The leaves of houseplants affected byfumagginethey can be treated with a simple detergent to be dabbed with a cotton swab along the affected area. Among the ornamental plants most affected by fumaggine we point out:howea, chamaedoreaand other ornamental ones such as coconut palm, raphis and arecastrum.

Fumaggine, remedies

In this paragraph we will see some remedies to be applied on any plant affected by fumaggine.

Marseille soap

TheMarseille soapit can be a good natural remedy for plants with modest vegetation. How to do?

Prepare a solution of water and dissolved Marseille soap (natural Marseille soap is solid, you should chop it and dissolve it in hot water, wait for the water to warm and apply it). Wash the affected parts with water and Marseille soap, rinse thoroughly.

Unfortunately, this treatment alone is not effective. In the immediate future, it will give you plants that look healthy but are still highly exposed to a relapse.

Copper sulfate

After this treatment it is important to apply copper based products. Bordeaux mixture is a remedy allowed in organic farming and is effective for the treatment:

  • Olive smoke
  • Citrus smokiness
  • Of the hedge
  • Ornamental plants

Bordeaux mixture is a remedy based oncopper sulphatewith lime, useful against a large number of fungal diseases and some bacteria.

The Bordeaux mixture is easy to find in agricultural consortia and garden centers, if you prefer to buy and sell online, on Amazon, a 1 kg pack can be bought with 13.90 euros and free shipping costs. For all information, please refer to the official product page:Bordeaux mixture.

How to use? Just dissolve it in water and spray on the affected plant. If you have another product based oncopper sulphate, it will do just as well.

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