No more butts on the ground: photo contest

No more butts on the ground: photo contest

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“Enough cigarette butts on the ground” is the campaign to sensitize smokers to properly dispose of cigarette butts, without throwing them on the ground but instead using suitable containers installed in public areas by the administrations.

The awareness campaign, to which the website is dedicated, is also supported by the SuisseGas Milano Marathon. A first result obtained in 2014 was the collection of over 4 million cigarette butts.

In 2015 we aim to do better, also thanks to the "Throw your stub here" photo contest which started on March 1, 2015 and will end on April 19, 2015.

To participate you must visit this page, leave your data and upload a photograph that demonstrates the gesture of releasing a cigarette butt into any container used for the collection of waste in an urban context.

The 5 best shots will be awarded by a jury of experts with a pair of Adidas Galaxy sneakers (for men or women). The complete competition rules are available at this address.

The "Enough cigarette butts on the ground" campaign will instead take place in the following phases:

  • Preparation of an incisive communication campaign through the use of appropriate information material;
  • Identification and positioning of suitable containers for the micro separate collection of cigarette butts and drums for temporary storage;
  • Waste classification analysis carried out by certified laboratories;
  • Periodic delivery of the butts collected at authorized treatment plants with all the relative environmental documentation (analytical certificate and waste identification form);
  • Attestation of merit and certification of the results obtained.

These are the advantages and benefits that the campaign aims to achieve:

  • Reduction of the environmental impact of the harmful effects on human health due to the dispersion of cigarette butts in the environment;
  • Greater respect for oneself and for the place where one lives;
  • Return of visibility and “green” image thanks to the information provided by our campaign;
  • More simplicity in the collection and elimination of such waste which otherwise would not be differentiated and treated appropriately.

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