LED bulbs: where to buy them online

LED bulbs: where to buy them online

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The LED bulbs are increasingly in demand for theirs energy performance increasingly high which guarantee aoptimal lighting together with a energy saving.

The LED bulbs they can have a constant or intermittent emission and for some years they have been able to emit a light of different colors (red, green, blue, yellow and orange).

It is possible to buy the LED bulbs in a lighting shop or department stores with departments dedicated to lighting items but it is much cheaper to order them online, once you understand the characteristics of the product you want to buy.

Like any online purchase, however, it is necessary to avoid sites that do not guarantee product quality and efficiency in shipping or even worse that do not guarantee a purchase made in maximum safety.

The leading site in Italy who manages to ensure compliance with all these requirements is who brought theforty years of experience of the homonymous shop opened in Turin, in via Gioberti, in 1972.

In addition to LED bulbs available in a special section, you can order over 5,000 items of the best brands, with a variety difficult to find in physical stores and at very competitive prices.

On the site you can therefore find LED, low consumption, halogen, fluorescent, discharge bulbs, projector lamps, lamps for technical and professional equipment, bulbs for vehicles and even decorative bulbs.

Another strong point of is the attention to offer efficient but at the same time eco-friendly products, which can save electricity while ensuring ideal lighting.

For each product, a detailed presentation sheet is available, full of information, so you can be sure to choose the ideal product to meet your needs.

Once the product has been identified, you can proceed with the order and undertakes to deliver it to your home in just 24 hours, not only in Italy but also abroad because Casa delle Lampadine delivers to 27 European countries.

For what concern payment method you are spoiled for choice because you can buy through credit card (using Unicredit secure servers with SSL protocol), Paypal, Bank transfer or mark.

Navigating the site to find the product you want is extremely simple and intuitive, thanks also to real ones search engine available for each type of bulb.

This is for example the search mask that you will find in the section dedicated to LED bulbs, where you can search for Volt, Watt, by type of attack, for Kelvin, for brand is type of glass:

If you have any doubts about the terminology or characteristics of the various products you can then search for the answer in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

On the Blog & News section you can find the latest news on the world of lighting, on charity initiatives, fairs and other events.

If you are interested in reading more information on the history of light bulbs and on the different types available, you can also visit the dedicated page on Wikipedia.

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