Permits to build a porch or canopy

Permits to build a porch or canopy

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Permits to build a porch: the construction of afront porchis only admissible with thepermissionconstruction, as well as the construction of a porch, permission is also required to make a canopy.
If a porch is built without the necessary permission, it is referred to as building abuse and the subject will not only have to bear the costs ofkillingbut he will also have to pay a pecuniary sanction and in special cases there is also the risk of arrest.

Building a porchwhen permission is not needed
The portico, to be built without building permit, must have particular structural characteristics. A structure can be built without permission when it is considered precarious or relevant. When a porch is equipped with anchors to the ground with concrete slabs, it is certainly not a precarious structure or used for temporary needs, therefore it needs a building permit.

The pergola as an alternative to the front porch 
To overcome the problem of building permits, the user can evaluate an alternative structure to the classic onefront porchpermanent. A pergola is made up of vertical uprights and connecting elements between the uprights designed to support climbing plants or other shading elements such as roller blinds, canopies, PVC modules and other materials required byTown Planning Building Regulationsof residence.

Thepergolait is freely achievable, without qualification, communications orpermissions. It is possible that there are restrictions on the maximum size of the pergola, the limits vary according to the municipality of residence. For example, the municipality of Soliera provides for the maximum limit of 15 square meters, after which it will be necessary to carry out theCertified Start of Activity Reportso as to obtain the "permission“.

A pergola it's also cheaper to build, so you can DIY it. For further information, see our guide:How to build a pergola.

Porch and Canopies

Unlike the pergola, the construction of a porch or a canopy requires a building permit. Unlike the pergola, a portico is always given by vertical uprights connected to each other but this time the support is intended for a fixed cover and the uprights themselves are fixed.

Porch and canopies, types of permits

What kind of permission does it take to build a porch or canopy?
Unfortunately, the answer can only be given by your municipality of residence because the various local administrations have implemented the law in two different ways, so the user may find himself in one case requesting the building permit or on the other, having to do only certified notification of the start of business.

To act in compliance with the law, the best thing is to go to the municipality (or call the technical / town planning office) to ask for more details on how to proceed.

In case "worst ",the user must submit an application for authorization with an attached floor plan of the place where he intends to build the porch (or canopy); the plan must be correlated with a report signed by a qualified technician who must indicate the constructive characteristics of the portico to be built.

In the "best" case, the user will only have to present thestart-up report. Also in this case, the request must be accompanied by a design and technical report that can state that what is being done complies with building regulations. In this case, after 30 days, if the municipal administration does not object, it will be possible to proceed with the construction of the porch or canopy.

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