Soil preparation for lawn

Soil preparation for lawn

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We speak here of soil preparation for lawn, an operation that is done in spring or late summer, taking advantage of the mild climate and the rainfall that is usually not lacking in these periods of the year. The good months for the sowing the lawn are April, May, September and October.

In warmer regions it can be anticipated in March and delayed in November, as long as the rain is not too intense. In any case it is good that the soil preparation for lawn advance the sowing of the lawn by one or two weeks, so as to allow the soil to settle.

Soil preparation for lawn: what is needed

For the preparation of a good seedbed where the seedlings can root and grow you need a good fertilizer. A light layer of horse manure, which is the best natural fertilizer there is, is a great place to start.

If the soil to be prepared is hard and clayey, it is also necessary to correct it with peat and sand as soil improvers, so as to make it soft and well permeable as well as rich. Obviously the fertilizer and soil improvers must be mixed by thoroughly incorporating the surface layer of the pre-existing soil (cleaned of weeds) so as to form a soft layer of 30-40 centimeters. For this operation you can use a spade if you have good arms or a tiller that makes everything less tiring.

In summary, for the soil preparation for lawn sowing serve:

  • mature manure (I recommend horse manure) or alternatively manure fertilizer;
  • peat and sand in the case of clayey soil.

Soil preparation for lawn: the necessary operations

The first thing to do is to uproot the previous lawn or prepare the bottom if it is an uncultivated land. If we go to work on an existing lawn, a metal rake may be enough, otherwise we go with a hoe or help us with a walking tractor.

Once the soil is prepared in the right mixture, the seedbed should be leveled and raked to receive the seeds. For what follows I refer you to our article How to sow the lawn

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