How to make mimosa cake

Tasty, soft, colorful… it is the mimosa cake that we will show you today in this guide. Its preparation does not require culinary skills; it is very simple to make. Not being able to use the mimosa flowers to decorate it, since they are not edible, in this recipe we will reproduce the spongy consistency of the flowers with the pieces of crumbled sponge cake on top: but let's see step by step how to make mimosa cake following our recipe.

The filling of the mimosa cake can vary a lot, even if the classic and traditional one involves the Chantilly cream with pieces of fruit, especially pineapple and strawberries. For the syrup we can use a mixture of liqueur and juice of the fruit used. We do not recommend it but you can use fruit in syrup by also using the syrup in which the fruit is preserved. Better to prefer fresh seasonal fruit: don't you think so? to make mimosa cake, the ingredients

  • Sponge cake
  • Chantilly cream with custard plus whipped cream or just cream
  • Small pieces of fruit
  • Liqueur: rum, anise, to your liking
  • Fruit syrup or orange juice

Sponge cake can be bought at the supermarket but can be easily made at home as its preparation is very simple. In this regard, we refer you to the article "How to make sponge cake" to make mimosa cake, the preparation

  1. Take the sponge cake and cut it in half so as to obtain two discs but the lower one must be a little higher
  2. Empty the sponge cake up to make a sort of hollow being very careful not to break it
  3. Break up the sponge cake obtained in order to obtain balls or pieces that you will use to decorate
  4. Once this is done, let's move on to the preparation of the Chantilly cream so add the custard with the whipped cream) or alternatively whip the cream and add the pieces of fruit
  5. Prepare the dip with syrup, liqueur and a little water and wet the sponge cake with this solution
  6. Stuff the entire first layer leveling well with the mixture obtained
  7. Place the second layer of cake and proceed as above
  8. At this point cover the entire surface of the cake with the pieces of sponge cake trying to give a rounded shape to the cake
  9. Sprinkle everything with icing sugar to give an even more mimosa effect

And for a more suggestive effect? You can put some pieces of fruit or wild strawberries

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