Cleaning the refrigerator, useful information

Cleaning the refrigerator, useful information

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There cleaning the refrigerator it is certainly not a pleasant operation so much so that we often neglect it: we like to say I'll do it tomorrow but this never comes tomorrow! Yet it is an appliance that should never be neglected especially because it contains food; for this reason it is good to clean the refrigerator periodically. In this regard, we will show you how to clean the refrigerator perfectly using natural products that are easily available at home.

When to clean the fridge?
For safe hygiene, cleaning should be performed on a monthly basis; in this way we will have greater hygiene and avoid the formation of molds and bacteria that could become dangerous.

How to clean the fridge? The instructions

  1. Empty the refrigerator, paying attention to the products that are about to expire: check if there are spoiled or spoiled foods, which must be thrown away
  2. After having emptied it completely, remove all the removable parts, which you will wash separately with natural remedies or with a simple dish detergent
  3. Once this is done, clean the walls and internal surfaces; just a little dish detergent, or some lemon or white vinegar. To catch any water that drips during washing, place a towel on the bottom of the refrigerator.
  4. Once the interior has been washed, dry it with a perfectly clean soft cloth; the same you will have to do with the removable parts, which will subsequently be repositioned.
  5. At this point, put the foods back, highlighting those that are expiring

Useful information: it is advisable to remove the dust with an antistatic cloth on the back, on the cooling coil, to improve efficiency and energy consumption.

Cleaning the refrigerator with natural remedies
The bicarbonate
A first, simple, inexpensive and effective way to clean the fridge is the use of bicarbonate: just dissolve a spoonful of bicarbonate in half a liter of warm water. The solution obtained should be used with a sponge-cloth: it is ideal for both the inside and the outside of the fridge.
White vinegar
In the case of stubborn stains, white vinegar can be used: it is also excellent for cleaning glass compartments or removable grids. Just soak them in a basin of hot water in which a glass of white vinegar has been poured for at least half an hour.
The lemon
The last step in cleaning the refrigerator, after having done the bulk of the cleaning, is the water and lemon. Just mix the juice of a lemon with a cup of water and use the solution obtained with a microfiber cloth, with which to wipe over every part, inside and outside, of the fridge.

Eliminate odors from the fridge
To counter the formation of new bad smells, once the appliance has been cleaned, you can place a glass bowl with a few spoons of bicarbonate on one of the shelves.

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