How to make fresh flowers last

How to make fresh flowers last

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On this page we will show you some strategies onhow to make fresh flowers lastlonger. These explanations apply to both thecut flowersof our garden, both for flower arrangements and bouquets delivered home by the florist.

Flowers are always a welcome gift. If you have received a bouquet of flowers and want to make them last as long as possible, follow our tips! You will not regret it…. In addition, if you want to preserve the emotion contained in a rose or in a particular floral gift as long as possible, you can decide to dry the flowers. In this regard, we invite you to read our guide article onDried flowers, how to dry them,on this page we will focus ondried flowersand how to make them last longer.

How to make fresh flowers last, preliminary tips

If you have just purchased some flowers, it will be advisable to immerse them in a basin full of fresh water and let them regenerate for at least an hour. In this way, the flowers will be able to re-hydrate. Pay attention to the stem and before placing the flowers in the decorative vase, shorten them even by a few millimeters. Make sure that the end of the stem is cut clean with a sharp blade.

All the flowers they must be severed with a clean and oblique cut except for the fleshy stems (such as those of the calla lily) which need a perpendicular cut (straight) and the woody stems (such as those of roses) which need a cross cut; alternatively, the woody stems can be slightly crushed at the end of the cut.

When choosing the vase, remember that this must be able to contain at least 40 percent of the length of the flower.

If necessary, remove the lower leaves of the stem or in any case make sure that they do not come into contact with water, reducing the duration of yourfresh flowers(all of them, and not just the flower that comes into contact with water!).

Useful information:

  • Forextend the life of fresh flowers, you can add ice cubes to the water in the jar both in the morning and in the evening.
  • Formake fresh flowers lastlonger, the market offers special salts to be dissolved in the water in the jar; these are micronutrients that are easy to find on the market. Feel free to ask for preservative sachets for cut flowers.

How to make fresh flowers last, roses

It will be advisable to re-hydrate them as explained above, this will allow thecut rosesto better face the domestic heat (radiators ...) or the summer heat. Once placed in the vase, spray the roses in abundance. Sometimes it can happen that somerosebow the head, this is due to a sort of embolism; to prevent the rose bud from remaining tilted, completely immerse the flower in water for at least a couple of hours, this is a pretty good remedy but not always effective.

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