Palm oil, is it bad?

Palm oil, is it bad?

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Palm oil, is it bad?Here are the research on the effects ofPalm oil on human health. There are many studies to assert that thePalm oil it is harmful to humans but the producers of Palm oil they defend themselves well.

Is palm oil bad for the environment?

Before delving into the effects ofPalm oilon human health, we focus on the disastrous environmental impact. The production of Palm oil it is the main cause of rainforest destruction in Malaysia and Indonesia; in these geographical areas the production of 87% of thePalm oil placed on the global market. The natural habitat of native populations, orangutans and other endangered animals, is being destroyed to make way for plantations.

In the articlePalm oil, between human rights and environmental damage we investigated the ethical and environmental aspect related to the production ofPalm oil. Not only that, the production ofPalm oilcauses serious damage to the environment but violates fundamental human rights: in the Bloomberg Businessweek Report we read that among the approximately 3.7 million workers employed in the production of Palm oil, there are thousands of child workers. Working conditions are added to child exploitation: workers face dangers and abuses in a scenario comparable to the old slavery.

Palm oil, properties

Theproperties of palm oildepend on the product we are talking about, if thePalm oil refined or integral palm oil, also called red palm oil

Red Palm Oil
The high content of vitamins and antioxidants is a peculiarity ofred palm oil,used almost exclusively in the producing countries ofPalm oil, even in the context of public health programs that aim to reduce vitamin A deficiencies. In any case, when it comes to vegetable oil (whatever it is!) it is not recommended to use more than 2 tablespoons a day.

Once refined, however, thered palm oilit almost completely loses its beneficial substances and what remains are the fats! The fat composition ofPalm oilrefined is not at all "to greet”And is consideredharmfulfor human health.

L'Palm oilconsists of more than 50% of saturated fatty acids, in particular palmitic acid, it is precisely the high content of saturated fatty acids that makes thePalm oilinteresting for the food industry sector because it is what gives it a certain solidity at room temperature. It is always the saturated fatty acids that make theharmful palm oilfor human health: saturated fatty acids are related to a drastic increase in cardiovascular risk and other pathophysiological situations.

Palm oil, is it bad for human health?

In Belgium, the use ofPalm oilhas been officially discouraged sinceSuperior Council of Healthbecause consideredharmfulfor health. Unfortunately, it is not easy to limit the use ofPalm oilbecause it is the most used vegetable fat in the food industry. TheSuperior Council of HealthBelgian claims that thePalm oil refined, due to its fatty acid composition, is able to cause or increase the risk of the onset of particular "plaques" on the arterial wall.

L'Palm oilit is widely used in the food sector because it is the cheapest vegetable oil. It is found in margarines, spreads (the classic example is Nutella), snacks, crackers, biscuits, breadsticks and baked goods. More information on the effects ofPalm oilon human health are available in the articlePalm oil, harmful to humans and the environment.

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