How to clear the soil of weeds

How to clear the soil of weeds

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How to clear the soil of weeds: mulching, harrowing, fire weeding, chemical weeding and definitive weeding. Useful tips to get rid of weeds.

Weed the soil without resorting to the use of herbicides it can be difficult, but with a little patience you can do many things, you can also evaluate the use of a good natural herbicide.

The most intensive weeding operation is performed when we decide to cultivate a vegetable garden on a vacant lot.

How weeds develop and why eliminate them

The weeds they propagate by seed or taproot. Weeds can give shelter to parasitic insects and suffocate our crops. Above all, weeds must be eliminated because they compete for light, air, water and nutrients in the soil. They absorb nutrients that would otherwise be available for our crops.

Again, theweedslarge-leaved propagating can steal useful light to our plants. Weeds create dense vegetation that prevents proper air circulation, predisposing the garden to fungal diseases and many parasites.

Considered i weed damage, what can we do to eliminate them and prevent their growth? Here are some useful tips for theweedingof the garden according to the size of the land.

How to clear the soil of weeds

If it is a small vegetable garden, just work the soil deeply with the digging, taking care to sift the soil carefully. Small plots of land can be treated with hoeing, digging or manual grubbing.

The hardest thing is getting rid of the weed roots. If you do a manual weedingyou will have to pull away the weed with its clod of earth and shake it well, before throwing it into the compost pile.

If the soil to be treated is more extensive, here's how to proceed: cover the ground any material that does not let light and air through, including plastic sheets.

You can use plastic sheets but also cardboard, jute bags or old rugs. After a month the herbs will die from lack of light and air. It is not a procedure to be taken at the last moment because it takes time, but even if it is not very nice to look at, it is still effective and functional.

With this system all annuals will be easily eliminated while the roots of perennial plants, more stubborn and stubborn, will have to be eliminated manually.

During the summer months, the recommended material for use is plastic (including bioplastic). With plastic, a weeding process known assunburnfor which even 10 - 15 days will suffice.

Let's see how to proceed:

  1. Spread the material you have chosen over the entire surface of the ground, blocking the perimeter with stones or earth and overlapping the edges of the various sheets by a few centimeters: it must be thick enough, at least 3-4 mm
  2. After a month, remove the cover and eradicate all the herbs left on the soil, using the hoe just below the surface of the soil or, if they are not too large, incorporate them into the ground, with a spade or with the use of a walking tractor.
  3. Water everything and wait about ten days, to give the seeds left in the soil time to sprout again. Of course this time you will leave the ground uncovered
  4. After ten days you will carry out a second cleaning, much faster than the first, taking care to uproot all the roots of the annual and perennial herbs that remain

Only at this point can you make a good manure and correct the soil with sand or straw, if the soil is still too heavy. And then you can finally try your hand at growing vegetables.

Remove weeds from the gravel driveway

If you don't want weeds to grow in the gravel driveway, you can treat the soil by adding plenty of coarse salt. A high concentration of salt in the soil prevents the growth of plants (all, weeds and not). This treatment is not suitable in flower beds because the salt would also damage the plants of your crops.

If weeds are growing between interlocking blocks, between outdoor pavement joints or in your gravel driveway, salt can be a good solution.

For weeds that grow between joints and concrete, you can add boiling water directly to the herbs to be removed.

Chemical weeding to clear the ground of weeds

White wine vinegar, like salt, can be a useful natural remedy for weeding a soil.

In particular, vinegar contains acetic acid, which prevents plants from living. It should be administered to young plants, directly at the base of the weeds to be eliminated. Be careful not to feed it to vegetables.

Prevent the growth of weeds

To prevent the growth of weeds you can use the fire weeding technique as explained in the articlehow to get rid of weedsor you can act with the right timing.

To prevent weeds from spreading, you must eliminate them before they produce seeds. For example, if it is the grasses, you will have to weed them out before they produce the ears.

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