How to make the composter

If you are wondering how to make the composter ask yourself first if this is the case with to do the composter, or if perhaps it is not better to buy a ready-made one.

The answer, in my experience, is that it depends on what you need: do you have a large or small green space? You need one composter for the home composting (instead of the wet bag so to speak) or for garden mowing? You have available materials and tools suitable for build a composter or do you have to buy everything from the start?

After two arguments, you will probably come to my own conclusion: the DIY composter it is certainly worthwhile if you have a lot of space (so there will be a corner where to hide it), if you have to compost a lot of stuff and if somehow you already have at least part of the materials you need: wooden planks, or alternatively used pallets, a few meters of wire mesh and a good supply of nails.

If not, perhaps it is better if you change the question 'how to make the composter'In'where to buy the composter'. There are excellent and of all sizes in the various garden centers and the choice is even wider if you buy on the Internet, including home delivery. For a composter from 600 liters, which is a nice volume, you spend less than 70 euros. For a 450-liter one it goes down to less than 50 euros and there are practical ones from 260 liters to 40 euros.

The home composting it is serious and the composter it is not a dustbin. Composting means managing a small organic factory whose workers are bacteria, insects and fungi. This also involves some discomfort. For example, there is a risk of bad smells, and kitchen waste can attract unwanted animals.

If the composter it is placed near the house and must be well built, ventilated but protected and can be opened at least on one side in order to turn the compost over. Building one like this yourself is not easy, it takes time and the purchase of materials can be expensive.

The situation changes if the goal is only a heap-like container for garden cuttings, and only partially for kitchen waste, but then, as we said, a large space is needed and the construction can also be rudimentary. If this is the goal, I refer you to our article on the DIY composter.

If, on the other hand, you are thinking about buying, I recommend this 600-liter green composter

The base is not essential, but if you place the composter near the house in a small garden I recommend you place it on a bottom grid

To speed up composting you can use small doses of bioactivator

For a practical guide you can also read our article:How to do home composting

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